The Ninety Lost Sheep

Dear Intercessors,

I hope you are pressing on during this key month of intercession. As Chuck Pierce points out, we must keep moving forward and overcome during this month. It will take all our strength to reach the next level, Mark 12:30. The third watch, from midnight to three o’clock, is the time God makes righteous judgements. At midnight David got up to praise God for his righteous judgments. At midnight God struck dead the first-born in Egypt but spared the Jews in Goshon.

Last Friday night I  prayed through the third watch. As I was praying God gave me wisdom to avoid problems with an unrighteous sister. Two days later I applied that wisdom in the situation and God brought us through a very narrow place. If we had lost, it could have seriously affected our future ministry. God will bring righteous judgments at midnight so I urge everyone to spend each Friday night, praying through the third watch. You will see God make righteous judgement in your life and ministry.

This week Rick Joyner reminded Christians, the Jews in Goshon still had to obey God before they received his protection. They had to slaughter a lamb, sprinkle the blood on the doorposts and stay inside the house. If anyone disobeyed, God would have destroyed them along with the Egyptians. When Jesus preached the gospel he said, “Repent and believe the Gospel” and you will receive the gift of eternal life. He did not say believe the Gospel and go your own way.

When Jesus preached the gospel, the Pharisees criticised him for being with publicans and sinners. Jesus replied, “What man of you, having a hundred sheep, if he lose one of them, doth not leave the ninety and nine in the wilderness, and go after that which is lost, until he find it? (Luke 15:4)Intercessors, we must have the same attitude as Jesus and go after the lost in the Kingdom. Research shows 80% of Pastors are not preaching the truth, over 60% of Christians watch porn regularly and most born-again Christians do not go to Church (Barna, Chaffer, Focus on the Family). Rick Joyner estimates only 10% of Christians are living according to God’s will. Therefore this week let’s leave the ten righteous sheep and go after the ninety lost sheep.

This week the Prayer Center focused on praying for repentance and revival. While we were praying God gave me a vision of the earth so let’s raise our vision and pray for the Body of Christ, not just our family. Let’s join hands and especially pray for Christians who are lost.

Chuck says, this month righteousness will become our foundation. Our house is as strong as the foundation. The deeper we dig and lay the foundation, the stronger and more fruitful our ministry. Nearly all the Old and New Testament saints failed to finish well because of foundational, character issues. Pastors, I recommend Derek Prince’s “Foundation Series” for your Church. You will need to jazz them up a bit, but the truths have not changed. They are timeless.

The Prayer Center also prayed God will revive the Church. God has revived the Church for centuries. One of the most remarkable was the Welsh revival. In one year the nation was transformed. Crime was non-existent so the police closed their stations, formed quartets and went around the Churches singing. I would love to see that here! Unfortunately the revival fizzled out after one year and people went back to their old ways. God has revived America many times but the Church only responded for five years then fizzled out.

God’s reason for reviving us is to lift us up and give us a head start in the Christian life. After awhile, he takes the hedge down so we can learn to grow up. What does the Church do when the hedge comes down? It cries out, Lord help me, deliver me, revive me! We must grow up and learn to stand strong in the grace God has given us. Therefore to only pray for revival is not balanced. Intercessors, we must also be praying the Body will turn from their sin and follow Christ.

Everyone who hears and does God’s word will have a solid foundation, “Therefore everyone who hears these words of Mine and acts on them, may be compared to a wise man who built his house on the rock. (Matt 7:24) Barna says there is very little difference between born-again Christians and non-Christians. Why? Because they are not doing God’s word. This was the very first thing Jesus taught the Apostles and we see the fruit. Except Judas of course, he did not repent of his stealing nor care for the poor. He was a hearer of the word, not a doer. We all have grace to do God’s word so let’s be praying the Body of Christ will turn to God and do the works of Jesus.

Jesus told the prostitute, “Sin no more”. This means, stop being a prostitute and get a righteous source of income. Paul said to the thief, “Steal no more, get a job and out of your income give to others”. That is very clear. Ps. Jim from Team Challenge says, the key to breaking addictions is “Stop doing it”. That’s simple. Jesus called it repentance, Paul called it putting off sin and putting on Christ. We must teach our people to stop sinning. Bill Johnson puts it brilliantly, “Imagine a serial killer comes into Church and the Pastor says to him, just slowly wean yourself off that one!!”. Pastors are saying the same thing to Christians who continually sin. The key to living a godly life is, “Stop Sining!”.

Jesus loved the Apostles so he warned them, if they lust after the opposite sex they will be tossed into hell, if they do not remain in the vine they will be cut off, Matt 5:28-30, John 15:6. Jesus rebuked Peter for trying to persuade him not to go to the cross. He taught the Apostles to discipline those who don’t repent, Matt 18:15-17. How many Pastors love their members enough to teach, warn, rebuke and discipline them. Very few! Most Pastors won’t even teach the truth. Let’s be praying Pastors will love their sheep and teach the truth, warn, rebuke and discipline those who are living in sin.

Ps. Jim says, “It takes a lot of courage to discipline others”. This is the key month to turn back to Christ or suffer the consequences. Our Church teaches us to confront sin and they discipline Church members who live in sin. They have planted over 10,000 Churches in 80 countries within 40 years. The most outstanding thing I see in our Church, and Faith’s home Church, is the youth. They are godly young people; leading home groups, being big brother and sister to the younger ones, evangelising their school mates and being respectful to their parents. There is no record of fornication in Faith’s home Church and only a few cases in our mother Church, in over thirty years. I also see joy, the fruit of righteousness, in their eyes and the glow of God on their faces. Let’s be praying Pastors will be strong and courageous, and lead their people into all God has for them.

Bill Johnson says, “Shout, get out of the fire”

Intercessors, this is the month to pray for a solid foundation in the lives of the ninety sheep who have gone astray. Let’s show our love and be faithful in this. I don’t wish any of God’s people to suffer.

God bless

Love Tim & Faith

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