“Bible in Schools” VICTORY

NZ Bible n schoolsThe “Bible in Schools” case was struck out of court before it began! What an amazing thing. New Zealand is not a Godly country but we see God moving. This is the third setback for McClintock, the man opposing “Bible in Schools”.

Last year the Churches Education Commission(CEC) were given permission to make submissions in court supporting “Bible in Schools”. This strengthened the case for “Bible in Schools”.

A few weeks ago the Secular Education Network applied for and was prevented from submitting additional evidence in court. This weakened the case against “Bible in Schools”.

Because the Secular Education Network presented their case, submissions were delayed. Because of the delay the judge struck out the case! Now that’s God.

Why did the Secular Education Network apply so late in the game? Why were they not able to submit their papers before the closing date?

During intercession for “Bible in Schools” we prayed, “God cause confusion and division amoung those opposing “Bible in Schools””. We also prayed wisdom for the judge”. It appears to me God has answered those prayers.

I guess we will not know all the answers but it is clear, the opposition is not properly organized. Confused? I think so.

Some Christians do not like to pray for confusion and division. God does, so did David, Jesus did and so does Paul, Gen 11:17, Psa 55:9, Matt 16:4, Acts 23:6. Let’s not be nicer than God.

We are called to be imitators of Christ. In spiritual warfare let’s be aggressive and drive back the spiritual forces opposing God’s will.

We don’t fight with people, we fight against the forces ruling this world. So let’s not be nicer than God but stand in the gap according to truth.

But in judgement lets also remember mercy and believe McClintock will come to Christ. We prayed, and God gave us a promise, that McClintock and his daughter will be saved. So let’s be strong in faith, believing they will become Christians.

McClintock has appealed the case so we will keep you updated but let’s be encouraged, God is moving mightily!

Let’s also declare the other promises we received for this case:

  1. “Bible in Schools” will raise many generations
  2. More Christians will teach “Bible in Schools”

Thanks for standing for “Bible in Schools” New Zealand. Great work everyone.

Love Tim & Faith

(Update: Bible in Schools is not the program used in NZ schools. What was known as the ‘Nelson System’ allowed schools to close officially for half an hour per week, during which time religious instruction took place. Now the Christian Education Commission (CEC) runs these programs, led by 2,500 volunteers. The CEC mission is “To equip and inspire Kiwi kids through values-based Christian Religious Education”. https://cec.org.nz/ )


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