An Appeal to Heaven

Last month the Holy Spirit laid on my heart to join the “Appeal to Heaven” conference in Moline, America. Dutch Sheets was leading.

Dutch had an agenda for the conference but stated clearly, he would be led by the Holy Spirit. He was obedient to the Holy Spirit and on the first night Dutch did not preach, we prayed. We stayed up overnight and through the internet, joined them in prayer. We could sense the anointing of the Holy Spirit as 1,000 people cried out to God for America.

I have listened to prophecies and followed events in the States for several years and, like New Zealand, have been extremely concerned with the nation’s moral decline.

Dutch said, “You have to be blind to not know America is in real trouble”, “America will face another round of judgement if the Church does not pray”. Therefore we knew this conference was extremely important.

New Zealand has legalised prostitution, abortion, gambling, synthetic drugs, gay marriage and is trying to divide Jerusalem in the United Nations. When a country does these things, you know it is in an extremely dangerous place!

God judged and destroyed Israel for doing these things, Ezek 20:31, Jer 7:9, Psa 129:5-6. If God destroyed his chosen people for these, imagine what will happen to America and New Zealand! Paul warned the Corinthian Church not to follow Israel’s example otherwise they would suffer the same fate. God’s principle of justice and judgement has not changed in the New Testament.

When God disciplined Israel he began with warnings through the prophets. If Israel did not respond he sent natural disasters, 2 Chronicles 7:13. If for that they would not listen, he took the hedge of protection away allowing the enemy to strike, Isaiah 9:12. If for that they did not heed the warnings and calamities, financial collapse came. But if for all this the people refused to turn, then he allowed the enemy to overtake the country.

It is clear September 11th 2001 was God’s second round of discipline on America, Jonathan Cann “The Harbinger”. Dutch Sheets, Pat Robertson, Rick Joyner agree and are equally clear the Church is responsible, 2 Chronicles 7:14. (watch video)

David Wilkerson, Derek Prince and other prophets have warned for years. One night the Holy Spirit woke up Derek Prince saying, “God’s heart is broken over America”. Derek said “God could not have done more for this nation and see how they have responded”.

The Barna report says 80% of Pastors in the States are not preaching the truth, over 60% of Pastors have struggled with pornography. Other statistics for the Church are shocking and confirm what God has been saying through the prophets.

Clearly God’s people have not turned and America is under a third round of discipline/judgement, economic depression. When Dutch led the “Appeal to Heaven” conference we prayed with them, knowing the nation’s condition and that this was a critical appeal.

That night was one of the most amazing and significant times in our forty years of intercession.

Many prophecies are promises from God. Israel, America and New Zealand have all the promises under heaven but what is their condition? Derek Prince says, American Christians are salt that has lost its savor. New Zealand is on the same path. So like Israel, we will not receive God’s promises if we walk in sin.

But that night in Moline we witnessed God saying, “America HAS turned”.

God was not giving more promises to America. He was saying the nation has already turned, past tense. As the prophets and Christians in Moline interceded, God heard our prayers and answered. (watch video)

This confirms there are enough Christians in America who have repented and are walking in God’s ways, so God will now heal the land. What an encouragement.

God’s declarations over America were:

  1. Evil in America is turning back and God’s angels are moving in
  2. Awakening has begun
  3. A shot from God to revive the nation
  4. Reconciliation in the body of Christ
  5. And other declarations

Your Assignment

God has blessed us through America’s prophets and teachers but now they need our help.

When one part of the body is weak we are all weak. When one part of the body falls we all fall. America needs us to stand with them and declare these promises over the country.

Ninety five percent of the time, God moves through godly men and women to bring change. Let’s do our part, pursue godliness and stand with America declaring these words over the nation. God will move through you and change America.

In 2009 there was a severe drought from Oklahoma to Texas. David Wilkerson warned America it was God’s judgement. Churches in Oklahoma took heed of the word and repented, 2 Chronicles 7:14. The drought stopped.

Within five years their economy had fully recovered and is now one of the most recession proof economies in the States. Unemployment halved, abortion rates dropped and two Christians were elected into Government. Peter Wagner said it was the most significant answer to prayer he had seen. God’s principles have not changed.

We can do the same for America so let’s stand in the gap for them.

I love watching Pat Robertson on CBN. Often there are testimonies of people who have come out of prostitution, addictions and prison. CBN shares about the struggles they have to repent, the failures along the way and the tests of faith until they overcome. Joyce Meyers is another example of someone who persevered until she overcame the horror of her past.

CBN and Joyce share about the process of sanctification not the event. Much of the Church focuses on the event so many Christians never overcome the sin and weaknesses in their lives. The Bible focuses on the process, not the event. Bill Johnson says, “sin is rife in the American Church” so let’s pray, Americans will focus on the process not the event.

I do not know if God will reverse the economic depression. Sometimes God has turned his judgement in midstream. Therefore it is possible, but I have not heard any words from reliable prophets. I recommend people hope for the best and prepare for the worst. That would be the wise thing to do but let us put our hope in God’s mercy, that he will revive the economy.

Let’s keep positive and rejoice with America for God’s goodness and mercy towards them. Let’s not give up hope but be strong in faith believing the nation has turned.

God will heal the land.

You can download an app from Dutch Sheets website which gives a daily prayer for America. (download)

God Bless

Love Tim & Faith

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