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The “Bible in Schools” case will come before the NZ courts on April 28th. Last year we saw God strengthening his hand by allowing the Churches Education Commission(CEC) to present their case in court.

Today we see God moving again. The New Zealand Herald announced “a significant setback for the secular education campaigners” saying, 

the Secular Education Network will not be allowed to submit additional evidence in court. This seriously sets back their plans to ban the “Bible in Schools” program. read article

I see God encouraging our faith

Over 60,000 children are taught Christian principles in school and it has been proven this greatly helps their contribution to society and development as citizens. Americans have  clearly seen the downward spiral in their schools since prayer was banned.

During our time in New Zealand we hosted a two day training. In the afternoons we spent three hours interceding for “Bible in Schools”. During those six hours the Holy Spirit gave us the following promises

1. “Bible in Schools” will remain in schools
2. McClintock(the man opposing) and his daughter will become Christians
3. Confusion and division amoung the enemy
4. Wisdom for the judge and defence lawyers
5. Encouragement and blessings for the Red Beach School board

Let’s stand together on this. New Zealand has been given a promise that it will become a Christian nation and model for other nations(Chuck Pierce 2015). So let’s push the devil out of New Zealand and bring God’s glory down.

Faith says, “It is already done” Hebrews 11:1

We do not need to keep asking(praying) for something God has already promised. We do not need to pray the above points, God has already promised them. They are going to happen! So to keep praying these points is not faith. Faith says, “It is already done”.

Now we can make prayers of declaration, declaring that these things will come to pass as he promised. He is always faithful to do what he promises, if we will believe. So let’s be strong in faith, declaring daily these things until we are full of faith.

When you are full of faith, you will sense the joy and peace of the Holy Spirit in your spirit. You will have such an assurance, you will know that you know God is going to move and answer these prayers.

So let’s all be strong in faith not doubting or wavering, but giving thanks to God for what he has already done. Now that is faith!

Love Tim & Faith(my wife!)

(Update: Bible in Schools is not the program used in NZ schools. What was known as the ‘Nelson System’ allowed schools to close officially for half an hour per week, during which time religious instruction took place. Now the Christian Education Commission (CEC) runs these programs, led by 2,500 volunteers. The CEC mission is “To equip and inspire Kiwi kids through values-based Christian Religious Education”. )


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