The Deep State is back!

There are serious questions which need to be asked about the Jan 6th riot at Congress.

Why did the FBI and Capitol police not beef up security when they had intel about extremists going to the Capitol? Why were police asked to go home early when so many protesters are on site? Why did these so called insurrectionists, only have American flags and MAGA hats?

Why did police allow protesters into the Capitol building? With known Antifa and left wing extremists present, why was FBI Director Wray not able to identify them? Why did some security stand by while people stormed Congress? Why are 300 protesters still locked up and the security agent who killed a protester still at large?

Now we find Roger Stone and veterans were approached by the FBI to go to Congress as setups or informants. We also find NSA is spying on reporters who are exposing the truth. It looks like the FBI is being weaponized again!

We declare the Deep State hang on their own gallows (Cindy Jacobs). Expose all lies and deception by the Deep State, bringing them all to justice

FoxNews: TUCKER CARLSON: It’s not just political protesters the government is spying on, yesterday, we heard from a whistleblower within the US government who reached out to warn us that the NSA, the National Security Agency, is monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off the air.

Roger Stone made a bombshell revelation with his suggestion the U.S. government may have played a role in the Capitol protest on January 6. The former adviser to President Trump highlighted reports that claimed U.S. government agents were apart of organizing the takeover of the U.S. capitol in efforts to discredit and imprison American patriots.

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