SCOTUS gives victory for election integrity

pic by FoxNews

Praise be to God, SCOTUS used common sense and the Constitution to preserve election integrity. People must caste their ballot within their registered precinct and ballot harvesting is banned. This is a victory for all States!

The massive corruption in the 2020 election shocked many Americans who realised their democracy was being stolen. Election observers were not allowed to verify signatures, ballots filled by printers were counted, more ballots were counted than what was mailed out, ballots which were not mailed out were counted, machines flipped votes and removed Trump votes, machines added spikes for Biden and ballots were trucked from New York to Pennsylvania!

Anyone who does not see massive fraud is naive, blind or dishonest. There was massive fraud.

Keep declaring Trump a two term President, the rightful winner of 2020 be installed, all election fraudsters indicted and honesty return to the elections

FoxNews: Mark Brnovich on SCOTUS vote to uphold Arizona voting law: A ‘great day’ for voter integrity

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