Sussmann trial’s biggest takeaway

The biggest takeaway from the Sussmann trial is, Hillary Clinton approving false information be disseminated about the Trump/Russia collusion. Then she sat by while $32.5M tax dollars was spent investigating Trump!

With each investigation and enquiry we are finding more and more evidence. One day these “Deep State” people will hang themselves as Cindy Jacobs prophesied.

Declare the “Deep State ” be brought to justice according to Cindy Jacobs’ prophecy, Hank Kunneman prophesied “God is exposing followed by restoring”, let’s keep standing with the States, we will succeed if we do not give up

FoxNews: Jonathan Turley: The jury got it wrong in trial of Hillary Clinton campaign attorney

Jun. 01, 2022 – 4:56 – Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley calls out the bias in the Michael Sussmann jury, which found the Clinton attorney not guilty

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