Prophecy not fulfilled!

I was surprised to hear Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce prophesy, “The Deep State” battle will be over by February 2018, followed by three years of peace! Clearly this did not happen. Have you ever received a prophecy which did not happen? I have, and there are people in the Bible who missed God’s prophecy. God promised Israel they would come into a land flowing with milk and honey, but only Joshua and Caleb received it. Judas was called to rule over one of the Tribes of Israel but failed. Then there were multiple warnings to the seven churches in Revelations.

This newsletter will share truths explaining how we can miss God’s promises. The book of Daniel gives key truths to successfully receiving God’s promises. Daniel knew from Jeremiah’s prophecy, it was time for Israel to return home. He fasted and prayed for 21 days, seeking God for wisdom and insight, how to lead them home. After 21 days an angel spoke to Daniel and told him, God will give him wisdom and understanding, Daniel 9. Key principles to receiving God’s promises are found in this story.

Commentators often miss out a key point when talking about Daniel’s story. They do not include Daniel’s character. He was a godly man, followed God with all his heart and of excellent character. God is patient with us and merciful but if we chose to live in sin like Judas, we will not receive God’s promises. This was the main reason why Israel failed to come into the Promised Land. God tested them ten times but each time they disobeyed, Exodus 14:22.

Second, Daniel knew God’s promise from reading the scripture. There are many promises in the Bible so all promises given to Christians are available to us. Like Daniel we can claim these for ourselves. However most promises God gave was when he spoke to man; a conviction, a revelation, a quickened scripture, a dream, vision or his still small voice. As we develop our relationship with Christ he will speak to us so it is important to spend time and develop this relationship. Therefore through scripture or him speaking to us, God gives us promises.

The third key is prayer, Daniel sought God about how to bring Israel home. When God gives us a promise we must spend time praying, seeking his face for wisdom and insight. God didn’t tell Israel the conditions when he led them out into the wilderness but most promises in the Bible are conditional. Therefore we must study the Bible, find what conditions are attached to the promise then obey. Whether God says so or not, there will be conditions for us to meet.

Fourth, faith. Only two children of Israel came into the Promised Land, Joshua and Caleb, because of their faith. They believed God would help them overcome their enemies. It is the same for us. There are many obstacles and enemies in front of us, hindering us from coming into God’s promises but if we have faith in Christ, we can overcome them all. It is not easy but we must all fight the good fight of faith. Fasting can greatly enhance our ability to face the test, so if the challenge is great like it was for Daniel then I recommend a three day fast, water no food.

Fifth, Daniel was actively involved in leading the Jews back to Israel. We must exercise our will and play our part to make sure the promise comes to pass. For Israel they had to keep a good attitude, have faith and obey God in the wilderness. My most disappointing intercession last year was the 2018 Midterm election in the States. God promised a Red Wave but it did not happen. Rick Joyner said if 1% more Christians went out and voted, the results would have been different! What if every Christian went out and voted, as they should have, there would have been the promised Red Wave! “Faith without works is dead”, James 2:17.

The sixth key, perseverance. It was a long way from Babylon back to Israel, with many dangers along the way but Daniel and the children of Israel persevered until they got home. Most promises God has given me needed perseverance before I received them. Many years ago I had heart pains and numbness down my left arm, a sure sign of blocked arteries. When a brother prayed for me I had a vision of blood rushing through an artery. God gave me a promise of healing. I stopped taking medicine and for the next two years I declared God’s healing, persevering daily even though the pain and numbness continued. Then one day all the pain and numbness left. That Church took perseverance. (Tip: be sure of your guidance)

So where does this leave us with Cindy and Chuck’s prophecy? I don’t know why America did not receive this promise. Cindy and Chuck are seasoned prophets, Dutch Sheets and Mike Jacobs were with them at the time so if anyone got it wrong, one of them would have had a witness. They also know how to battle in prayer and in faith, so honestly I don’t know why it did not happen but clearly something went wrong.

Jeff Sessions was installed as Attorney General in Jan 2017 and was responsible for justice in Government. I was shocked when he said there was no public interest in investigating the Clinton e-mail crimes! I was shocked with his lack of response to grave injustices towards Trump associates by Mueller and his team. These should have been resolved quickly and justly. They were not. God’s opportunity of peace was missed and rather there is division and continuing abuse.

But God is the God of second chances. If you have messed up, I have, then do not give up. God will give you a second chance. I believe the States has a second chance to clean out “The Deep State”. August 2018 I had a dream showing those responsible to bring justice were not vigorously pursuing “The Deep State” and they would get away with their crimes. John Kilpatrick prophesied, the Jezebel spirit is now attacking Trump through “The Deep State” and called for fervent intercession.

Cindy also prophesied, when the swamp is almost drained, the swamp creatures will start fighting amoung themselves. We certainly saw this a few months ago. Comey criticises Rosenstein, Rosenstein hits back. Comey also attacks Strzok and Page. They then accuse Loretta Lynch. Ohr is blaming DOJ and FBI. So let’s be encouraged, “The Deep State” battle is almost over and justice will be done.  If you have missed God’s promise, seek him for the way through. The solution may be different from the first time.

For “The Deep State”, I am interceding for AG Barr, Durham and others to pursue “The Deep State” with all their heart and not let them go. I am also concerned about IG Horowitz and FBI Director Wray. They could not see bias in the FBI and DOJ affecting their decisions to exonerate Clinton and attack Trump and his associates. Republican Senators continue to complain about obstructions and slow walking FBI enquires. It has taken two years to get Steele’s records from the FBI and only last week a Federal judge ordered them to be produced! That is shocking, Wray is clearly preventing the truth from coming out. I am seeking the Holy Spirit about Horowitz and Wray, a change must come.

So when God gives us a promise, search the Bible for any conditions related to the promise. Seek God’s face for wisdom that may be needed, repent of any sin or weaknesses which may stop you, be strong in faith, add fasting if needed and persevere until you receive God’s promise. It will come in his good time. If you have missed a promise, seek God for a second chance. Put your trust in his love, his faithfulness and mercy, seeking God until he gives you a second chance. I am sure he will.

Your persevering Saints

Love Tim & Faith

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