NZ Euthanasia: Safeguards against coercion inserted

The NZ euthanasia bill has been tightened giving more safeguards for the dying, also protection for health professionals against discrimination. These changes were passed with 69 votes to 51, down from 94/23 in the second reading!

“There was a time, if we saw someone standing on the edge of a bridge, out of compassion we would do all we could to talk them out of it. Now we show compassion by pushing them off!”

The most significant hindrance to this bill will be NZ First. They will vote against the bill if a referendum is not included. Without their nine votes and those of other MP’s who oppose the referendum, the euthanasia bill could fail.

This is proving a challenging intercession. The odds are still in favour of the bill passing.

Let’s not faint. Keep proclaiming MP’s eyes be opened to see, euthanasia is helping someone kill themselves, it is not showing compassion.

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