President Trump’s Humour

In times of stress a good laugh helps, except this is not funny.

Trump is right. Why do the Democrats ignore Clinton bleach wiping computers, secret emails on an unsecured server and lies, yet go after Trump for talking with Russians! Democrats are straining at a nat and swallowing a camel.

Let’s keep proclaiming “The Deep State” hang on their own gallows. Daming information keeps coming out with a huge drop, expected within a few weeks, that will be a game changer. (Trey Gowdy, Sen Nunes, Sen Gaetz)

FoxNews: President Trump, in between battling subpoenas and other demands from congressional committees as they ramp up their probes into his administration, on Monday urged top-ranking Democrats to shift their focus to “Crooked Hillary” and the genesis of the “phony” Russia investigation.

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