Bill to stop Netanyahu corruption indictment

Rick Joyner and Pat Robertson believe there is a “Deep State” attacking Netanyahu and Israeli politicians. The huge number of media leaks against Netanyahu and the fraud accusations are beginning to look like US “Deep State” activities. Keep praying the case against Netanyahu fail!

JPost: The Knesset officially listed legislation this week meant to grant Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and all MKs immunity from criminal proceedings, after it was submitted by Likud MK Miki Zohar.

The initiative came days after Netanyahu’s office denied the immunity bill would be included in coalition agreements, though that does not preclude the coalition from passing it anyway.Zohar rebuffed accusations that he is doing Netanyahu’s bidding in submitting the bill. “The prime minister blocked the immunity bill in the last Knesset,” said Zohar. “He said he’s not interested, which is why I was not successful in promoting it.

”Speaking at the opening of a Knesset House Committee meeting, Zohar noted that the passage of the bill “is not part of coalition negotiations. I am trying to convince the prime minister to support it in the current Knesset… We are sick of political persecution, and therefore, the immunity bill is right and I plan to try to promote it even without instructions from Netanyahu.”

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