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Last week the POTUS Prayer Shield (President Of The United States Prayer Shield) in Charlotte interceded for some key issues in America. God spoke to Frank Amedia, Rick Joyner and has burdened my heart about Washington and the economy. This is not a doom and gloom newsletter but an urgent and important intercession which will affect us all, so please keep reading.

Since 2010 I have written several prophetic newsletters about the US and world economy. I have shared prophetic words from reliable prophets and opinions from well-known economists. They agree, the world economy is in a dangerous situation and could fall into a severe recession or worse, a depression. Some prophecies said the US economy will go into depression. Since 2010 major economies have not got better but worse. Rick Joyner acknowledges this and says, “Economies are on the brink of collapse but God is holding America together”.

For thirty years, the late David Wilkerson warned of depression, violence and tumult coming to America. The late John Paul Jackson and Prophet Terry Bennett had similar words. Mike Bickle, Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce prophesied about the current turmoil, warning about the fighting in Washington and the streets of America. With the gridlock and conflicts in Washington, violence in many cities, the majority of news being anti-Trump, the extreme views and fake news we are seeing, these prophecies are all playing out before our eyes.

However God has also given America many promises, especially about Pres. Trump. One of the words is, “Pres. Trump will be a Cyrus for America”. King Cyrus revived the economy, stopped terrorism and restored the places of worship.

Pres. Trump has already achieved huge successes and managed to roll back most of the damage done by Obama, so let’s be encouraged. Remember this is not about the person, it is not about the politics, it is about the promises of God! God has promised good things for the United States so even though things look bleak in the natural, we look in the spiritual and know things are going to get better.

It is not about the person

It is not about the politics

It is about the promises of God!


According to many experts the economy will not turn around unless the healthcare bill is resolved, tax cuts are implemented, business regulations are reduced and a good budget is put in place. Rick Joyner, Pat Robertson, Frank Amedia, John Muldin and others agree. Remember America and other nations are on the brink of collapse. The POTUS prayer shield said there is only another 21 days in which to implement the above laws. John Muldin doesn’t think it is possible. That is not being negative or pessimistic, it is a reality but it does not need to happen if we “Stand in the Gap”.

Twenty one days left to implement healthcare, tax cuts,

cut regulations and make a budget!

Mike Bickle prophesied that crises worse than Katrina and 9/11 are coming to America, but God will call solemn assemblies in the stadiums, work places and churches. When Dr. M warned the churches in Malaysia, Pastors called for 40 day fasts and opened thousands of prayer centres throughout Malaysia. Watch Mike Bickle’s prophesy click here. Cindy Jacobs prophesied that from now until Feb 2018 there will be turmoil in Washington as the swamp gets drained. So hang in there America, don’t give up, you’re going to make it. Watch Cindy Jacobs prophecy click here.

Derek Prince wrote a book, “The Promises of God”. He showed clearly and skilfully that nearly all the promises of God are conditional. One of my favourites is the very first promise in the Bible, Deuteronomy 5:16. “Honour your father and mother so that things will go well with you and you will live long in the land”.

I learnt this very early in my Christian life. I was anti-establishment and called my father, “My old-man”, a common term in the 70’s. Very disrespectful, so I repented and even learnt to respect my alcoholic mother. At 65 years of age I have no major health problems but see God healing me as the body ages. I don’t see that happening with a lot of Christians! I wonder about the sickness and turmoil in Christians lives. Have they obeyed this command?

Derek Prince was given a word for America, “God is deeply disappointed with America. He has done more for this country than any other nation yet see how they have responded!” Despite God’s grace, “sin is rife in the Church” Bill Johnson. Bhana Group, Chaffer Institute and Focus on the Family provide plenty of research to back up these prophecies. Watch Derek Prince’s video click here.

As an intercessor, I know God answers the prayers of those who live righteously. Christians who live in sin will not have their prayers answered. Therefore before God will heal the land and fulfil his promises, God’s people must humble themselves, seek his face, pray and turn from their wicked ways.

So this brings me to the question. If God’s promises are conditional, are pastors and Christians required to do anything? Rick Joyner answered this question with a resounding “Yes”. Declaring God’s promises is not enough, Christians must also have works and get involved by putting pressure on their senators and congress people. For the United States to move forward it requires the Pastors to call solemn assemblies, calling the Church to repentance and to prayer for the nation.

Therefore the situation in the United States is serious and time is running out to avoid a financial crisis. America is moving forward but this is a critical period. Mike Bickle, Cindy Jacobs and Chuck Pierce’s prophecies confirm this. I believe the United States can make it through if we intercede.

The POTUS Prayer Shield, Mike Bickle, Cindy Jacobs and my burden is:

  1. Pastors and leaders throughout the US will call solemn assemblies (Mike Bickle)
  2. Break the gridlock in Washington and completely sift out those who need to go (Frank Amedia, Cindy Jacobs)
  3. That there will be 52 people in Congress who will agree and push through the agenda for healthcare, tax, business regulations and the budget (Rick Joyner, Herman Martir)

Let’s stand with the United States at this critical moment. Don’t think you are not important. You just might be the person who will tip the balance and help bring America into God’s promises. We are the Body.

Standing Together

Love Tim & Faith

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