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Jesus Crucifixion 06

In the early years of intercession the Holy Spirit led me to stand in the gap for my alcoholic mother. I wanted to leave home and live my own life but I was led to stay at home and care for my mother. During those years the Holy Spirit convicted me of being judgemental, lacking endurance, unforgiveness, lack kindness and mercy. By obeying God and overcoming those sins, I completed the assignment for my alcoholic mother. Eight years later she came free of alcohol.

Then the Holy Spirit led me to intercede for skid-row alcoholics. Skid-row alcoholics live on the streets, they are totally bound by their drinking and it is rare for them to get free. Very few people are even willing to help them. The Holy Spirit led me to go out on the streets and live with them. It was cold and wet out there, and dangerous! A key to intercession is for us to empathise with the people we are interceding for. We do this by living like them.

If you are a young Christian reading this, then this is not for you. This is something God calls mature Christians to do. Some will say living like this is extreme but remember, Jesus was far more extreme.

As God he came down from heaven and became a foetus. Jesus was not born with the best midwife and hospital but in an unhygienic, smelly animal stall! At two years of age the family fled for their lives. Then he was so badly whipped people could not recognise him. On the cross Jesus was humiliated in front of everyone and suffered intense pain. Now that is extreme! But because Jesus completed his assignment, he gained eternal life and healing for us.

Jesus completed his assignment

After interceding for skid-row alcoholics I applied the intercession to Bro. Bob. He was a dentist by profession who began to suck on the bottle, then the bottle sucked on him. He lost his family, his business and everything he had ending up on the street, a skid-row alcoholic.

The Holy Spirit led me to apply the intercession and pray for Bro. Bob. He received the Lord and was instantly changed. The last time I saw Bob he was working for the Salvation Army and leading an AA meeting. What if I had not completed the assignment? Bro. Bob and others would not be free!

On August 8th God gave Joe Joe Dawson a word “to become finishers in this season”. Many Christians want new revelations, promises from God but they have not completed what God has already told them. God said to Joe Joe, I want My children to become finishers in this season. I need them to finish the task, purpose and plan I have spoken over their life and finish it well so I can launch them out into the new season that I have for them. When they finish well, they can hit their mark in the new season.”

What has God called you to do? Is there ministry in Church that you can do? Is there someone who needs your help and care? Are there attitudes and sins you need to overcome? Complete those assignments and God will bring you into the new.

Press through for breakthrough

God Bless

Love Tim & Faith


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