Sometime after becoming a Christian I realized my family was in a mess. Six people living together but very little relationship, alcoholism and trauma. I asked the Lord what I could do to change things and this led me on the exciting and rewarding path of intercession, Rees Howells style, where I saw my family revolutionized. It was an amazing thing to experience.

I had read the book “Rees Howells Intercessor” early in my Christian life but the second time I read it, everything was different. This time the Holy Spirit began revealing things to me. There is a huge difference between head knowledge and revelation.

Knowledge puffs up but revelation brings life.

As a young boy I grew up not knowing my mother was alcoholic. I sometimes wondered why strange things happened but it was only in my late teens that dad let us know what was going on.

If you know a family with addictions, spend time with the family members, supporting them, encouraging them. They live in trauma every day and you may just be the person who makes the difference.

The Holy Spirit showed me I was to intercede for my mother. He led me to give up some pleasures but most importantly, to endure her sometimes unusual behavior. At times her actions were unbearable, extremely stressful and in front of friends, hugely embarrassing. I endured them all.

For five months I persevered, enduring the pain. At one point I thought I would go crazy, it was so stressful. But I persevered knowing Jesus had given me the grace.

After this my heart was changed. I could bear with mother quite naturally and there was a deep peace and joy which upheld me. My heart had been purified by obeying the truth through the Spirit.

I had overcome in that area of my life and later, when I faced similar situations it was easy, even natural to endure. This is the process of sanctification which every Christian must go through. Once we have overcome there is a place of rest which is not too difficult to maintain.

I saw in Rees Howells this same principle of sanctification as he interceded for sickness, people and situations. Rees repented of sin or bad habits until God purified his heart so that he would naturally do what is right. Once Rees Howells overcame the sin, he had gained an intercession and the person would change.

Eight years after I interceded for my mother she came free of alcohol. It was a long hard test of faith but having interceded for one, I could now intercede for many. I have seen many alcoholics come free.

Bob was such a man. He was a distinguished English gentleman, a dentist by trade, who began to suck on the bottle. In the end the bottle sucked on him. He lost everything; his family, his business and home. He was out on the streets!

Next week I will share how the Holy Spirit led me to apply the intercession in Bob’s life and the amazing transformation that took place! It was a total, radical change of life.

See you next week!

Love Tim & Faith

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