A National Crisis

Growing up in an environment of intercession impacted my life as a young Christian. Little did I expect, within my first year as a Christian the Holy Spirit would move on me and avert a national crisis. It happened like this…..

In 1975 New Zealand faced a crisis. The native Maori were grieved over land which was taken illegally or sold to the British government by unfair means.

The Maori decided to march from the top of the North Island down to the capital in Wellington and voice their grievances. The march was led by a very respected lady, Dame Winna Cooper.

Unfortunately, amoung the marchers was a man trained in terrorism by Gadhafi.

New Zealanders were very worried this situation could escalate into widespread disturbances or worse.

The protesters began marching from the north towards Auckland. I arrived home from work as they came across the harbor bridge and when I entered my bed room, the most surprising thing happened.

Suddenly, I dropped to my knees and in great anguish of heart cried out, “When the Maori reach Wellington let a conflict come amoung them so this movement comes to nothing!”

With those words the burden of the Holy Spirit left, I had an overwhelming joy in my heart and the presence of God filled my room. I was shocked!

I got up off my knees wondering what had happened. As I thought about it I realized it was a God moment. It was one of those times when God moved sovereignly.

I concluded, the words I prayed were the words of the Holy Spirit crying out through me. I realized God was going to cause a division amoung the Maori so this movement would come to nothing and avoid a serious conflict.

As the Maori got closer to Wellington I also realized, “Now I have to believe for this otherwise it will not happen”. I was worried. How could I do this! I began to encourage myself in the Lord, praying in tounges, declaring and believing a conflict would happen amoung the Maori.

Doubts flooded my mind. It was a constant battle to push them aside. I continued to declare and believe for what I prayed. As I pressed forward the doubts became less, the joy became more until no matter what negative thoughts came I could resist easily.

When the Maori reached Wellington there was a conflict and some split off from the main group and marched up the East Coast.

The movement came to nothing!

“At the end of the march, though, Matakite collapsed as various factions sought alternative ways of continuing their protest.” NZ History Net

This is the power of prayer to change a nation. It was exciting to see.

As a new Christian this encouraged my faith and gave me valuable experience in intercession.

I learnt, “If I pray until the burden lifts and the joy of the Holy Spirit fills my heart, my prayer has been heard and would be answered.”

In Queen St. Pastor Neville or the prophets would receive the word, but either way we would keep praying until we got a word.

I remember one month the Church did not get an answer from God. When we came back the following month we continued to pray where we left off.

This is persisting in prayer until we get an answer.

Sadly today, very few people are willing to pay this price so prayers go unanswered, people suffer and situations do not change.

Over the last forty years we have seen mountains move. It is exciting to serve a God who has all power and authority. If only we would be willing to put in the hard work of intercession, many lives and situations would be changed.

I would encourage you to spend time with him, crying out for your family, community and nation until God hears your prayer.

Then stand in faith knowing as he promised he will bring to pass.

Happy intercession.

Next week. Standing in the Gap for addictions.

God bless, Love Tim & Faith

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