NZ Euthanasia law on a knife-edge

“There was a time, when we saw someone standing on the edge of a bridge we would show compassion and do all we could to talk them out of it. Now we show compassion by pushing them off!”

Dear Kiwis and Intercessors,

Today, 23rd Oct 2pm to 10pm NZ time, the New Zealand Government will be debating the euthanasia bill. Please be praying during this time.

My guidance is, “Pray the Holy Spirit open the Government and the public’s eyes to see euthanasia is helping someone kill themselves.”

Although suicide is not the same as euthanasia, let’s do all we can to preserve life not take it!

“Keep proclaiming the Government’s eyes be opened and New Zealand’s euthanasia bill does not pass! At present the outcome is uncertain and could fail”

NZHerald: NZ First leader Winston Peters has refused to say whether his party would vote “as a block” against the bill as a result – likely dooming it – or whether it would allow its MPs to vote freely. “We don’t go into a battle on the basis to lose,” Peters said on Tuesday. If all nine NZ First MPs voted against the bill at its third reading next month and no other votes changed hands Seymour would just inch over the line with 61 votes. But if he were to lose a single other MP the ball would fall over.

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Standing for life

Love Tim & Faith


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