Lockdown disasters

Covid-19 affects 2% of the population with sickness, hospitalization and sadly death. Why lockdown everyone? Wouldn’t it be better to lockdown the 2% and give them special care!

Sweden, Taiwan, South Korea, South Dakota and other places did not lockdown. The death rates were lower than average, economies were not destroyed, suicide and overdose rates did not go up.

By March 2020 we knew covid-19 affected the elderly with two or three pre-existing conditions but health experts panicked and recommended locking down everyone.

Sadly governments followed their advice causing enormous suffering for everyone, especially the poor and lower class citizens. Even worse governments have still not learnt.

Lord we declare governments eyes be opened to the damage they are causing, the people to speak up and demand sensible policies, and medicines be made available quickly.

OANN: Dr. Scott Atlas, a radiologist and a former White House health care policy adviser, explained how lockdowns hurt low-income and minority families the most. He said lockdowns were not only a “heinous abuse of power,” but they also failed to protect the elderly.

“There was a frenzy that took over out of fear and out of a lack of leadership by the faces of public health to put things into context, into perspective and to recognize right away what the consequences of these lockdowns would be,” Dr. Atlas stated.

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