Covid-19 long-lasting immunity

May 31, 2021 Tim 0

Evidence is beginning to show covid-19 patients have long-lasting immunity. When 98% of people experience no serious effects from covid-19 and there are several cures, […]

Election integrity

May 26, 2021 Tim 0

Arizona is strengthening their election integrity laws. It was shocking how observers were prevented from verifying signatures, the huge number of ballots from ineligible and […]

Lockdown disasters

May 24, 2021 Tim 0

Covid-19 affects 2% of the population with sickness, hospitalization and sadly death. Why lockdown everyone? Wouldn’t it be better to lockdown the 2% and give […]

Prophecy coming to pass

May 24, 2021 Tim 0

Lou Engle ministry prophesied Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania will flip blue to red. Arizona is now under audit showing massive fraud and criminal activity. Now […]

Israel defends itself

May 21, 2021 Tim 0

Netanyahu and International leaders are clear, Israel has the right to defend itself from attacks against its citizens. Rockets continue to fly into Israeli civilian […]

Watch the signs America

May 20, 2021 Tim 0

We do not look for signs but take note of them because they show God is moving. This encourages our faith and helps us persevere […]

Trump returns

May 19, 2021 Tim 0

Chuck Pierce prophesied, Trump must find a way to recover the 2020 election. Now there is more than enough evidence proving election fraud. We pray […]

Vaccines effective

May 19, 2021 Tim 0

It is astounding to see the CDC’s incompetence and swinging decisions over covid-19. When people are vaccinated they have immunity therefore cannot transmit to others. […]

Massive election fraud

May 18, 2021 Tim 0

Eighty percent (normally 1%) of Arizona ballots were decided by the machine operators, not the voters. Machine operators had the password to the machines, not […]

Covid incompetence

May 17, 2021 Tim 0

The CDC continues to display their incompetence over covid-19. Early on they said, 84% of people who get covid-19 always or nearly always wear masks. […]