Vaccines effective

It is astounding to see the CDC’s incompetence and swinging decisions over covid-19. When people are vaccinated they have immunity therefore cannot transmit to others. The CDC still said those who are vaccinated must wear masks! They later reversed their decision.

Now we find virtually no one (less than 0.001%) are reinfected or hospitalised after vaccination which confirms the CDC’s poor decisions. (Update: we now discover the CDC has stopped reporting breakthrough cases so we won’t know if vaccines are effective)

Pray Governments stop politicising covid-19 and putting fear into people, they fully protect and care for the elderly, they open up their economies and schools

FoxNews: The agency also discontinued reporting breakthrough case counts on its webpage. As of April 26, the latest available information, the CDC recorded 9,245 breakthrough infections amid a backdrop of over 95 million fully vaccinated Americans. Over half of cases were among women, 45% involved people over 60 and nearly a third were listed as asymptomatic infections. Less than 10% resulted in hospitalization, and there were 132 deaths (1%).

The figures likely represent an underestimate due to voluntary reporting from state health officials and inadequate testing, especially in people not experiencing symptoms, the CDC says.

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