Covid incompetence

The CDC continues to display their incompetence over covid-19. Early on they said, 84% of people who get covid-19 always or nearly always wear masks. Later they contradict that by saying masks are 70% effective!

Science tells us when people are vaccinated and have immunity, they cannot catch or spread viruses. Yet the CDC says vaccinated people should still wear masks. One week later they change their minds.

Also when only 2% of the population get sick, or sadly pass away, do you really need to lockdown the country, destroying businesses, livelihoods and causing increased suicide, overdoses and violence.

President Trump was right, people should have gone back to school and work in March 2020. People wonder if CDC advice is politically motivated.

Be careful of covid-19 not fearful

FoxNews: The CDC issued new guidance last week that says people who are fully vaccinated can stop wearing masks, both indoors and outdoors. The announcement came just one day after Walensky spoke in Congress and defended the stance that masks were necessary.

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