Arizona election fraud astounding!

pic by FoxNews

Arizona county had 80% of the ballots decided by machine operators and machine operators have the main passwords to the machines therefore machine operators decided the result of the election. This is astounding! Imagine buying a computer and Microsoft or Apple keeping the password.

Now we find the main database of the machines were deleted, losing critical data of who did what and when. The database was deleted just before handing the machines over to auditors therefore a deliberate destruction of evidence.

Now we find many ballot boxes had their seals broken and ballots removed after the initial count. There are also chain of custody records missing so we don’t know if ballots were brought in illegally.

Like in Michigan, these facts show deliberate destruction of evidence which would prove election fraud. How can the 2020 election be certified now there is so much proof of ballots and machines being tampered with!

Declare a quick, honest and fair solution to the 2020 election in all States. Those who have cheated be brought to justice

OANN: “Maricopa County’s apparent intent to renege on its previous commitment to comply fully with the legislative subpoenas.” She went on to say the chain of custody of the ballots has been insufficiently recorded, resulting in “apparent omissions, inconsistencies and anomalies.”

Most notably, however, was the recent discovery of several deleted databases from the Election Management System.

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