Election integrity

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Arizona is strengthening their election integrity laws. It was shocking how observers were prevented from verifying signatures, the huge number of ballots from ineligible and dead voters, the number of excess mail-in ballots and huge spikes of over 95% for Biden. All this proves massive fraud on a broad scale and must never be allowed again.

Declare all those responsible for cheating and breaking laws in the 2020 election be brought to justice

OANN: During an interview on Monday, Hoffman discussed their latest election integrity bills at the state’s capitol. He explained if the first bill, titled HB 2792, was passed then the highly concerning mass mailing of ballots to voters that are not requested would be banned.

“Arizona is saying absolutely not to that,” he asserted. “We’re adding a Class 5 felony, so that there is a very stiff penalty if an election official decides to go rogue and willfully violate the law.”

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