Is Delta more dangerous?

Statistics are funny things. We can ask the wrong question and get the wrong answer. Pollsters asked Americans who they would vote for in 2020. Most people said Democrats. Pollsters failed to realise cancel culture and abuse towards Republicans meant people wouldn’t speak up.

Some experts claim vaccines are working against covid-19, but are they? By February 2021 only 10% of Americans had received two jabs yet death rates dropped by 82%! Clearly vaccines had nothing to do with the drop.

Now we are told vaccines are effective against Delta but fully vaccinated people are still getting covid-19. Most infections now, are from the Delta variant but we see very low death rates with many hospitalisations from fully vaccinated people. We can see in the 2nd graph, Delta death rates are far lower than covid-19 deaths.

deaths per million

These low death rates may be from vaccine effectiveness or a weakness of variants. Normally variants are weaker than the original virus. Some experts say the mRNA vaccines are covid-19 specific therefore will not work against variants.

There must be a comparison between fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people before we can say if the vaccines are effective. Governments are rushing to vaccinate everyone so losing the ability to verify the effectiveness of vaccines compared with natural immunity. Governments and fake media are not telling us this but are spreading fear by focusing on infection rates.

Facts are stubborn things!

Why are governments continuing to spread false information? Why do they continue promoting vaccines when there are effective medicines? Why vaccine passports when vaccines have not brought down death rates?

Certainly pharmaceutical companies are making billions. Politicians and fake media are not telling the truth and causing fear, while restrictions increase! What are they up to?

Pray honest and open enquiry of covid-19, governments and fake media tell the truth, people be courageous speaking up and standing up for the truth


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