Hunter special counsel

Remember, the people who let Hillary Clinton off for using an illegal server, started the Trump/Russia rumours, wrote the false Steele dossier, targeted and imprisoned Trump workers and investigated Trump for Russian collusion when they knew he didn’t do it. They are now saying they will not influence a Hunter investigation! Do not believe them.

Sen Graham outlines the Trump/Russia hoax and the seriousness of VP Biden’s connections with his son’s business. Remember Hunter wrote an email implying, pop gets 50% of his income. A business partner testified Biden talked with him about Hunter’s business and now we have emails discussing the same!
This must be investigated but the Democrats will want to sweep it under the carpet, like they have in the past. A special ckunsel must be set up.

Declare all lies, corruption and compromise be exposed, the truth be known and justice be done in the Joe/Hunter business dealings!

FoxNews: Published on 17 Dec 2020
Fox News obtained text messages from Hunter Biden hinting about getting President-elect Joe Biden involved venture deal.

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