Only Comey said Mifsud is a Russian asset

Sidney Powell in her book, “Licensed to Lie”  first exposed “The Deep State”. She identified a man Weissman who planted false evidence destroying the largest accounting firm in the world, Anderson Accounting. Four executives were imprisoned for one year before it was discovered Weissman gave false evidence and hid evidence supporting Anderson. Weissman was not indicted for his crime apparently because he is a government prosecutor!

Powell also noted Weissman, Mueller and Rosenstein were connected to the Uranium One deal where 20% of American Uranium was sold to Russia with $120M being traced from the Russian buyer into the Clinton Foundation.

Now the Russia collusion case. A FISA warrant was issued based on the false Steele dossier to spy on Trump campaign person Page, Trump was accused of Russian collusion based on false evidence in the same dossier, Manafort was investigated on false evidence of working with Russian agent Mifsud and Cohen was investigated on the false evidence he went to Prague to collude with Russians! Remember, all this false evidence is coming from the world’s premier investigative organisation the FBI.

Is there a pattern here, “A Weissman” pattern? AG Barr is now investigating the investigators, we’ll find out. Keep praying all “Deep State” moles be exposed and brought to justice.

Watch Sidney Powell’s comment on Mueller’s report


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