Is Mifsud the Man?

The third “Deep State” dream I had was, “A “Deep State” operative was being led away by the police. At that moment someone pointed a gun at the operative and I thought, my goodness they are going to kill the operative!” The operative was not revealed to me but maybe it is Prof Mifsud.

A Greek man, Papadopoulos, worked for the Carson campaign and later for the Trump election campaign. In between jobs he worked for a British company. During that time Papadopoulos was introduced to many high profile politicians and others. One such person was Prof Mifsud.

While talking to Papadopoulos, Mifsud says he has dirt on Clinton. Later Papadopoulos meets an Australian diplomat and shares that fact. Papadopoulos is also introduced to other diplomats from Australia, Italy, Britain and the Ukraine. He felt some of the meetings were odd especially one where the topic of dirt on Clinton was brought up.

On one occasion Papadopoulos was given $10K US which again he thought was suspicious. He saw no reason why he should be given so much cash so left it in Greece with his lawyer. On return to the States the FBI opened his luggage and carefully looked through everything. Again suspicions were aroused and Papadopoulos thought they were looking for the $10K.

Mueller then indicted Papadopoulos accusing him of colluding with the Russians to influence the 2016 election. Mueller claimed Mifsud was a Russian agent. During the questioning Papadopoulos lied to investigators so was imprisoned for 14 days. Mueller found no evidence Papadopoulos colluded with the Russians. Later we find Mifsud was not a Russian agent but worked for the US government. Why on earth would the US government want to give Papadopoulos dirt on Clinton? Read more …

The Mifsud Papadopoulos events look like a setup to trap the Trump team in the crime of influencing an election! AG Barr and Durham visited the countries Papadopoulos mentioned. AG Barr listened to a recording by Prof Mifsud asking for police protection against people who want to harm him. Durham has now changed his investigation into a criminal investigation.

Is Mifsud the “Deep State” operative in my dream? Maybe.

I am praying the Lord reveal “The Deep State” operative and put a hedge of protection around them. Many years ago we were betrayed. From the facts given, we knew the person came from a group of about ten people. We prayed and asked God who betrayed us. Within 24 hours a man from that group confessed he had talked. Judas was caught! With God nothing is possible and he will expose the operative.

Let’s be praying

  1. Authorities will find the “Deep State” operative
  2. A hedge of protection around the “Deep State” operative
  3. The operative reveal all the truth about “The Deep State”

For justice, For truth

Love Tim & Faith


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