Final Vote on Euthanasia!

“There was a time, when we saw someone standing on the edge of a bridge we would show compassion and do all we could to talk them out of jumping. Now we show compassion by pushing them off!”

When we observe the history of euthanasia overseas, the opening quote is not an exaggeration or being alarmist, it is speaking the truth. Some wonder if Belgium may have hit bottom, as medical ethics are being replaced by a culture of death.  Oncologist Benoit Beuselinck at University Hospitals-Leuven says, “We have begun to offer death as a medical solution, even for non-terminal cases.  People have been offered euthanasia even though they were not considering it” Clarke says.  “Children as young as 17, 11 and nine have been euthanized.” (Sydney Morning Herald)

When NZ intercessors began praying against the bill, several healthy people had near death sicknesses. MP Seymour, who tabled this bill, was threatened with death after criticizing another MP who was later also threatened with death. Spiritually, allowing euthanasia in NZ will open a portal of death over the country bringing a culture of death not life.

After the law legalising prostitution passed, laws have deteriorated. Originally, brothels were only allowed in certain places away from residential areas and schools. The last time I read the news, some were within 100m of a school and people were proposing to allow brothels in residential areas. A portal of immorality was opened up over New Zealand by legalising prostitution.

Attitudes against legalising euthanasia have grown since debates began in Parliament. At the first reading 43 MPs voted against euthanasia, second vote 50 were against. When voting to hold a referendum 57 voted against the bill, four more and the motion would have failed. God is moving so let’s be encouraged.

When the prayer center was praying, I had a vision of an eye. When I prayed for the interpretation the Holy Spirit burdened me to pray, people’s eyes be opened to see euthanasia is helping someone kill themselves. I was encouraged to see a lot of MPs say, the name “End of life choice” bill should be changed to “euthanasia and assisted suicide” bill. This is consistent with my guidance and calling the bill for what it is. Unfortunately this change was voted down 70/50.

Today people are very good at making terrible things sound nice so it will be acceptable to the public. That sleight of hand needs to stop and the truth be told. I know politicians are not good at telling the truth so maybe someone also needs to pass a law and hold them accountable.

During the prayer meeting a brother had a vision of an angel coming down, a sister had a vision of the Israeli flag. I pondered this for some time and now believe God is saying, he is going to have mercy on New Zealand because of the sacrifice and bravery of the ANZACS (Australia New Zealand Army Corps) who stormed Ramallah.

During the Ottoman war 300 ANZACS stormed Ramallah held by over 2,000 Turks. 300 Turks were killed, 1,600 taken captive with the rest fled for their lives. From Ramallah the British were then able to capture Israel from the Turks. Both Turks and ANZACS saw angels going into battle, helping win the fight at Ramallah.

I believe God is showing mercy to New Zealand, by going into battle with us on euthanasia because of what these brave ANZACS did for Israel. Let’s be encouraged.

For intercessors, to defeat the bill in Parliament is much easier than trying to change the whole countries thinking. There are only 121 MPs (correction 120) minds to change, not 2M New Zealanders or so who are eligible to vote. Now is the time to be interceding and talking to your MP.

My most disappointing intercession last year was the American mid-Term elections. God promised a Red Wave sweeping Republicans into the House and Senate. Sadly that did not happen. Rick Joyner said, “If 1% more Christians voted, the results would have been different!” If every Christian voted there would have been the promised Red Wave. Isn’t that sad, the salt and light of America shot themselves in the foot.

Now they have a wacky House of Representatives who are trying to remove President Trump in a coup. Believing for a Red Wave without voting was useless. The scripture is true, “Faith without works is dead”.

Kiwis add action to your faith, write, e-mail or best, talk to your MPs saying you do not support the end of life choice bill. Call it for what it is, assisted suicide! Tell them you want New Zealanders to be known as people who care for each other, not people who help someone commit suicide. Ask the Holy Spirit for wisdom. Don’t be rude but be firm, speaking the truth in love.

After the vote on a referendum, it is much more difficult to defeat the bill. However our God can do the impossible. He did the impossible for Israel at the UN in 1948, where Ambassadors defied their Government’s wishes and voted in support of Israel. God can also do it for this bill so let’s pray fervently and not give up.

Pray during the hearing, next week Wedn 13th 2pm to 10pm NZ. watch live (the debate will most likely be 4pm to 6pm but I strongly recommend begin praying early and build up your faith before the debate begins. Continue praying in faith until the results come out)

  1. Pray in the Spirit and with understanding
  2. Declare all PM’s eyes be opened and they reject this bill

Note: Intercessors put on the full armour of God. One group of intercessors had near death attacks when interceding. Young Christians this is not for you, follow your Church prayer meetings and you will be safe.

  1. Pray specifically. Although I don’t have guidance I’m going to pray, 65 MPs reject this bill. Remember 50 MPs voted against the second reading, so we only need 11 more to say no, and this bill will not pass. I’m going for 65 NO’s
  2. Pray in faith, believing what you have asked and do not give up

Standing for Life

Love Tim & Faith

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