Cover the States with supernatural protection

Tracy Cooke and Chuck Pierce have prophesied there will be cyber, biological and economic attacks on the States in the near future, so let’s be praying against these.

We declare all attacks of the enemy be stopped, give Trump and armed forces revelation of who, where and when these attacks come, then turn them around! AMEN

Prayer Alert sent out by Cindy Jacobs on December 28, 2020:

Dear Prayer Warriors,

For the past week, I have been greatly unsettled for the country. The only way I can explain it was how I felt right before 9/11.

I know many people are praying, but please put a shield up around your family, city, and state. Ask God to expose enemies both within and outside of the nation.

If you are not praying Psalm 91, please do so!

We know that prayer changes things, and I am believing that God will protect this nation and all that we dearly love here.

Warring in the heavens! read here

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