Georgia’s 400,000 ballots records unaccounted for

More shocking evidence of possible election fraud. The chain of custody for 400,000 mail-in-ballots have not been produced, after five months. Chain of custody records prove where the ballots have come from, who picked them up and where they were delivered to.

However if they were trucked down from NY, like the 100,000 Pennsylvania ballots, there will not be any chain of custody. Who brought those ballots into the counting centre? Where did they come from? We saw some coming out from under a table after everyone went home for the night, but that was only 40,000 I think!

Biden’s so called winning margin was only 20,000 therefore 400,000 unaccounted for ballots changes the results. Biden loses, Trump wins!

Keep declaring all election fraud be exposed and justice be done! Trump for a second term

OANN: Officials in Georgia have yet to produce the required “chain of custody” documents for nearly half a million absentee ballots. One America’s Pearson Sharp has more on how the story could impact the outcome of the 2020 election.

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