Euthanasia in NZ


The devil came to kill and destroy but God came to bring life. What a difference between God’s plan and the devils. We see this contrast playing out in many areas of society and euthanasia is another example.

Sadly New Zealand is following the rest of the world and considering legalising euthanasia. They have already legalised prostitution, gambling, synthetic drugs, gay marriage and do not support Israel. Our hearts continue to be burdened for New Zealand.

The government set up a committee to get opinions and study the matter. Strangely all the committee members are pro-euthanasia. One reporter said, the odds of eight randomly picked members of Parliament being pro-euthanasia, has a 2.6% chance! Coincidence or design? Can there be an unbiased report? The government is also considering a referendum to decide the issue. Over 70% of New Zealanders support euthanasia!

I remember when the NZ government wanted to legalise homosexuality. 80% of NZ said no! What did the government do? They legalised homosexuality ignoring the wishes of the people! There is no hope of preventing the euthanasia law from passing even if every New Zealander changes their mind. To prevent this law from passing is impossible!

When we face the impossible, God still has a way! We saw this with the US elections when against all odds, Donald Trump won by a landslide. We saw the same last month when the PH party won the Malaysian elections. How did these happen? There was unprecedented prayer and fasting on both occasions. For the US we joined intercessors praying throughout the night and for Malaysia we prayed over four days before finally getting victory. This is what changes the impossible into the possible.

As the prayer center prayed against euthanasia, the Holy Spirit gave me a vision of an eye. As I was praying asking for the interpretation I had a burden, pray the eyes of New Zealanders will be opened and see they are not showing mercy but helping people kill themselves. I believe the Holy Spirit is saying, we need to pray New Zealanders and the Governments eyes will open and see they are responsible for killing other people.

The devils plan is to kill but God’s plan is to bring life

I would also like to challenge the Church in New Zealand. Bring healing to the sick, not by seeking the gift of healing but by following Rees Howells example. When Rees Howells saw a sickness he asked the Lord, “What do you want me to do to intercede for this sickness?” The Holy Spirit then showed Rees the price, any obedience God required, what character issues he had to repent of and then God tested Rees’s faith.

Every person Rees interceded for was healed. Not one failure! This is the difference between intercession and the gift of healing. Like Jesus, every person Rees interceded for was healed.

Let’s seek God and intercede against the euthanasia law and then stand in the gap for the sick and weak. Begin with your family or a small sickness. We began with our family and interceded for alcoholism, drugs, divorce and salvation. We started small and have grown from there. At present I am interceding for cripples and know the day will come when I will see the cripple walk!

We still do not have a promise defeating the euthanasia law so we continue to intercede for this. Please join us and share any guidance you have. Pray until God gives you a promise the law will not pass.
God Bless

Love Tim & Faith 


1. Some concerns

Some MPs are concerned about the scope of the bill, which will apply to people with a terminal illness, a prognosis of six months to live, or a grievous and irremediable condition.

Disability advocates in particular are concerned about whether “grievous and irremediable” could apply to vulnerable disabled people like tetraplegics.

He has previously cited polls which show that 75 per cent of New Zealanders supporting euthanasia.

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