Election machine audit in Arizona

Praise God one State insists on auditing the counting machines. There were so many red flags by these machines: flipped votes, massive numbers of ballots counted by operators and a spike of 30,000 ballots!

A forensic audit will find the number of fake ballots, the number of ballots pre-printed for Biden, ballots put in multiple times, the massive spikes for Biden, any data sent overseas for manipulation and who is responsible for each action.

If any of these details have been deleted, like they were in Michigan, then people need to be held accountable. There have been so many election crimes yet no prosecutions.

Declare protection for all counting machines and bring out the truth, expose all cheating in the 2020 election

OANN: An Arizona court upheld the state Senate’s subpoena and ordered Maricopa County to turn over election fraud evidence. One America’s Christina Bobb spoke with the Director of Investigations at Judicial Watch, Chris Farrell, to get a better idea of the probe that lies ahead.

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