Challenges, Lies and Death!

Challenges.01These words capture the essence of three intercessions we are battling with. There are challenges on the Korean Peninsula, blatant lies in “The Deep State” of America and a pattern of death emerging in NZ.

These intercessions require more than simple prayer to break through so we are deeply engaged in the battle. There have been several setbacks, failures and tests but we believe the good Lord will move and fulfill his promises in all three situations. First the Koreas.

When Sid Roth asked Hank Kunneman what he saw for 2018, Hank prophesied Kim will be brought down and freedom will come to NK. I assumed this would happen in 2018! Maybe I was wrong or the Church did not respond to God’s call. Cindy Jacobs, Charlie Shamp and others also prophesied change in NK. Early this year Cindy prophesied again saying, the Church must pray because there is a danger war can still come to the Peninsula. Praise God that did not happen.

Then Kunneman prophesied again saying, before NK shot two short range missile in May, “Keep your eyes on North Korea, do not fear when it looks like they are going backwards (March 17th)”. God speaks to his prophets and tells them what is going to happen.
Last year I also had a word, Secretary of State Pompeo is doing a good job and for him to keep going! Interestingly, NK complained about Pompeo saying they wanted someone more mature to do the negotiating. Trump insisted Pompeo will stay on the job! Then the top NK negotiator, who is a hardliner, was removed. Apparently Kim was disappointed with his performance in Vietnam so now there is a better chance of success with him gone. God is moving. Now “The Deep State” lies.

A lot has happened since the last “Deep State” newsletter. New evidence shows Carter Page, from Trump’s campaign, was investigated by the FBI because they claimed evidence of him colluding with Russians. The evidence has been proven false. The FBI said they had proof of Trump working with the Russian embassy in Miami, passing information and money through the embassy. One problem, there is no Russian embassy in Miami! Then there is Manafort.

The FBI obtained a warrant to arrest Manafort because he was working with a Russian spy called, Mifsud. One problem, Mifsud is connected to the American government. Then there is Cohen. A warrant was taken out for his arrest because he went to Prague colluding with Russians. Problem, Cohen has never traveled to Prague. Another Trump associate Corsi, sued Mueller because he was being forced to lie against Trump.

Remember this is the world’s premier investigative organization, the FBI. They are either totally incompetent or lying. Some say this is Weissmann’s finger print. (Weissmann destroyed Anderson accounting using false evidence) I think all these are lies to frame Trump and his associates. AG Barr says people’s explanations do not match up with the facts. AG Barr is getting to the bottom of it! Finally the NZ Euthanasia Bill.

There has been great progress with the Euthanasia Bill. First, seven more MPs rejected the Euthanasia Bill’s second reading. Next, early polls showed 70-75% of New Zealanders supported euthanasia but now only 58%. I know polls can be unreliable but let’s be encouraged. I was encouraged by one MPs saying in Parliament, as New Zealanders do we want to be known as people who care for others or as people who help someone kill themselves! We prayed God will open MPs and New Zealanders eyes to see, euthanasia is helping someone kill themselves.

I was shocked by the pattern of death emerging since this Euthanasia Bill was tabled. Healthy intercessors had near death experiences when praying, MP Seymour (who tabled the bill) criticised another MP who was threatened with death, 51 Muslims were massacred in the Christchurch terror attack, MP Peters received death threats after criticizing the group posting the terror attack, PM Arden received death threats for supporting poisoning wild animals destroying NZ wildlife, and Dr. Death (doctors take an oath to preserve life) visited NZ to support the Euthanasia Bill.

I have never seen a pattern like this before. I don’t think I’m exaggerating but passing this bill will lead to more than death of the terminally ill, a spirit of death has already come over the country and is going to get worse. Belgium is proof. In Belgium a person can go to a doctor requesting euthanasia and it will be granted no questions asked (click here). Children as young as 17, 11 and 9 are being euthanized. People with mental problems are euthanized without their consent and others without family consent. Once Pandora’s Box is opened it is hard to close, just like legalizing prostitution in NZ.

Originally prostitution was only allowed in certain areas, not close to residences. Now they are close to residential areas and schools. The last time I saw the news they were contemplating having them in suburbs, only private discrete brothels of course! Do you see the devils plan? If a Euthanasia Bill is passed, a door of death will open over New Zealand and later the laws will be expanded little by little. Let’s not be deceived. This law must be fully rejected and not leave, even a small door open for the devil.

God’s way is to bring life. One prophet emailed saying, some Churches woke up after the Christchurch massacre. More people are concerned for the country, there is a greater interest in prayer and more people are coming to prayer meetings. God is moving.

Keep proclaiming God’s promise, this Bill will be defeated. God will move if we do not give up!

Pastors, call a solemn assembly, call a fast and do not stop praying until the Euthanasia Bill is defeated. I am praying 65 MPs reject the bill. Add actions to your faith, write to your MP again, talk to as many as possible, e-mail people who can influence the politicians and public. Don’t stop until this bill is defeated!

When we face difficult intercessions, a key to success is remembering what promises God has already given. For each promise we pray it through until God says he has heard our prayer. Most Christians pray a few times but never get that promise from God. Daniel prayed until God spoke, and God does promise to speak to us. Next we steadfastly proclaim God’s promise until it happens. Second we continue to wait on God for further guidance related to the intercession. Sometimes we need to pray through several different points until the intercession is successful. This all takes patience, perseverance and time waiting on God. Also faith.

Keep praying for the Koreas, “The Deep State” and NZ Euthanasia Bill, God is not finished yet.

Your Praying Ones

Tim & Faith 


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