Assurance of things hoped

Assurance.02Sometimes I wonder why hope, faith and love are eternal qualities. Love I can understand, we’ll need to love each other even in heaven, but faith and hope I don’t understand why we need these in heaven! Paul said, faith and hope will endure forever so it must be really important to pursue and to grow in these qualities. “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, ….” Hebrews 11:1. Our greatest test of faith came when back home.

I, Tim, had just lost my job and while I was talking with a friend the Holy Spirit quickened to me, “Live by faith like George Mueller!” I had been reading about Mueller and knew what was involved so I stopped looking for a job and put my faith in Christ to provide. I lived like this for many years then before we got married, I shared with Faith about my call. Fortunately she still agreed to marry me. Now that’s a step of faith!

Soon after we were married the Church asked us to move to Morningside and live with a group of Christians who had just come out of the gay scene. We moved into an apartment block with some and began ministering. Those months were one of the most testing times financially we have ever experienced.

One day I invited Bro. N over for dinner. Faith was shocked saying, we don’t have any food. I asked her, what do we have? She replied, some flour, eggs and bananas. Ok, I said, we’ll have egg pancakes for main meal and banana pancakes for dessert. With that Faith whipped up a delicious meal for three. After that Faith said we have absolutely no food left in the house.

Thirty minutes later a knock came to the door. A brother traveled across town, his family were going on holiday and the fridge was full of food. They didn’t want to waste it and thought of us. Now we had food to eat. The following day a sister, not knowing our situation, gave $50 so now we had money to buy other things. Our testimony is we have never had to beg for food nor gone hungry. A miracle of provision provided by faith in Christ.

When we are full of faith there is an assurance and steadiness in our hearts. There is no anxiety because we know that we know, God will provide. In this time of testing it is easy to waver or doubt but if we stay steady, God’s provision will come.

Make a lifetime commitment to grow in faith, it is of eternal value!

George Mueller did not ask for money nor tell people his needs, Mueller simply prayed and believed God. God provided all the needs for himself, the staff and 2,000 orphans.

Our Father knows our every need and if we put our faith in him, he promises to provide. Is the Holy Spirit leading you in a test of faith? Do you have an unmet needs, a need for healing, for the family, are your prayers being answered? Put your faith in Christ, he will say “Yes” to all these.

Your faith walkers
Love Tim & Faith


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