“Bible in Schools” Intercession

Hi Folks!

I was a pleasure to spend time with you all, “Standing in the Gap” for New Zealand.

GREAT TEAM WORK EVERYONE, you’ve all done well.

Let’s be strong in faith knowing what God has promised, he will bring to pass.

‘A problem shared with God is a problem solved’

The Holy Spirit gave us promises for the following:
1. Bible in schools will stay in schools
2. McClintock and his daughter will become Christians
3. Confusion and division amoung the enemy
4. Wisdom for the judge and defence lawyers
5. Encouragement and blessings for the Red Beach School board
6. “Bible in Schools” ministry will grow and spread to more schools
7. “Bible in Schools” ministry will raise following generations

Let’s also stand in faith, without doubting, that the law on same-sex marriage will be reversed and heterosexual marriage will be honoured. This is what we have interceded for and it will come to pass. I know it is difficult to believe but nothing is impossible for God. Remember Jesus’s words, ‘When the son of man comes will he find faith on the earth?’, Luke 18.

Let’s be one of those who have faith and not doubt!

Standing in the Gap TOGETHER

God Bless
Love Tim & Faith

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