Bible in Schools: God strengthens his hand

Initially, the Churches Education Commission (CEC) was not allowed to be present during the McClintock case, banning “Bible in Schools”.

CEC launched a legal challenge to be allowed to give evidence in a spat between the McClintock family and the Whangaparaoa school involved.

As a result of the legal challenge, the courts have ruled allowing CEC to give evidence in this case.

Praise God. We are encouraged to see God strengthening his hand in this situation.

Let us continue to believe “Bible in Schools” will remain in schools.

Love Tim and Faith

(Update: Bible in Schools is not the program used in NZ schools. What was known as the ‘Nelson System’ allowed schools to close officially for half an hour per week, during which time religious instruction took place. Now the Christian Education Commission (CEC) runs these programs, led by 2,500 volunteers. The CEC mission is “To equip and inspire Kiwi kids through values-based Christian Religious Education”. )


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