World wide Covid patterns

Governments said they would not lockdown, would not force vaccines, people would not lose their jobs nor would they force vaccine passports. Then they are doing the opposite!

New Zealand’s PM Arden is doing this, Biden is doing this, who else? We are used to politicians lying and not keeping their promises, so remember these people when you vote next.

Also remember the Israeli MOH announced the Pfizer vaccines are only 39% effective. By WHO’s definition, vaccines must be 50% effective, we can no longer call it a vaccine.

From the Oxford research in Vietnam, we find the fully vaccinated carry a 251 times viral load, so are super spreaders! From statistics in NZ, Singapore and Britain we find the Delta variant, at 0.1% fatality, is weaker than the common flu.

So Governments are forcing people to take vaccines which don’t work, for a virus which is weaker than the flu, otherwise they lose their job and can’t travel! This is rediculous.

Stand up, speak up before it is too late. Praise God DeSantis is standing up to Biden’s foolishness.

Pray the People’s eyes be opened to the lies and deception they are being told, declare failure of all evil plans, confusion and devision in the enemie’s camp

OAN: Even though the Biden administration, it always said this would never be mandated, and even they acknowledged the federal government doesn’t have the power to mandate it. Fauci said it would never be mandated and now all of a sudden they say there’s grave danger so it takes them two months to write a 500-page rule that they’re trying to shove down the throats of the American people,” said DeSantis.

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