Govt. data’s shocking number of Covid vax deaths

Any Government or person who says Covid vaccines are safe, is not telling the truth. VAERS stats show, 751,095 vaccine deaths reported(correction: 751,095 adverse reports and now 17,619 deaths) in 2021, more than all other vaccines combined!

Of Covid deaths(earlier at 13,600), 40% died within two days of the 2nd jab and 80% within two weeks of the 2nd jab. The CDC claims these deaths are not related to Covid!

Anyone with a little common sense can see a relationship between the jab and the deaths. One doctor says, autopsies show severe bleeding from the spike protein prevalent in the heart, lungs and even in fetuses.

We are not anti-vax but have experienced side effects of chest pain, shortness of breath, shaking nerves, headaches, skin bruise and lesion. People must be held accountable for being dishonest and forcing people to take an experimental drug.

Keep declaring Governments stop lying, wake up and follow the science, end lock downs, end mandates and drop the passports, provide treatments of HCQ and IVM, the People stand up speaking the truth to their Government officials and media

OAN: More and more Americans take a stand against Biden’s vaccine mandates, mounting evidence suggests the COVID injections could be even more dangerous than previously thought.

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