William Barr is the new attorney general!

Praise God Barr was approved by Senate, largely along party lines. The Democrats still do what is right in their own eyes rather than truth but Barr will bring honour and justice back to the DOJ and FBI.

Lord give Barr wisdom and insight to drain the swamp and bring justice back to the States.

Wise words from Barr: “I am not going to do anything that I think is wrong, and I will not be bullied into doing anything I think is wrong,” Barr said. “By anybody — whether it be editorial boards, or Congress or the President. I’m going to do what I think is right.”

FoxNews: Barr made it clear in his confirmation hearing that he intends to ensure that the Justice Department, which includes the FBI, will “enforce the law evenhandedly and with integrity.” Barr promised that the department’s conduct would be “above and away from politics.” Nothing, he added, “could be more destructive of our system of government, of the rule of law, or the Department of Justice as an institution, than any toleration of political interference with the enforcement of the law.”

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