“What Does is It Mean to ‘Breakthrough’?”

At the “Giants will Fall” intercessors conference there was a prophecy, 2 Chronicles 7:14. If God’s people will turn from their wicked ways God will move in the mid-Terms.

With due respect to my American friends, I seldom see anyone preaching or teaching repentance. Even worse, I see many teaching hyper-grace and extreme mercy which is causing sin to be rife in the Church. (Bill Johnson)

This morning Elijah List published a timely word for the elections. Please take this to heart. There is still time to repent before our God who is merciful and quick to forgive. Intercessors, repentance is key for our prayers to be heard. Spend time asking the Lord to examine your heart before you begin interceding. Results will come quicker and more powerfully.

via Vince Viozzi: “What Does is It Mean to ‘Breakthrough’?”

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