Video: Antifa storming Congress, stoking trouble

The two men left front regularly attend antifa protests

Antifa and other activists broke into Congress and sadly Republican supporters followed. One witness heard unscrupulous people saying they have to stir things up so it shows badly for the Trump supporters. The man with horns was carrying a QAnon placard(update. This man claims to be QAnon but Victory Channel reporters have seen him at many Antifa rallies! The man next to him is a know Antifa protestor so what is a supposed QAnon standing next to his arch enemy!). What are far left groups doing at a Trump rally? It looks like they are trying to bring right wing groups into disrespect.

In a separate video people saw the police escort Antifa to Congress in buses. A press reporter talking to an on duty police office said, the police were told to leave Congress at 10am the morning of the rally. When the rioting started the officer rang asking if he should go back but was told, no. (correction. The officer was not called back to duty but went back himself when he heard there was rioting!)

President Trump called for a peaceful protest and to stand outside Congress to encourage Senate and Congress make the right decision. When the violence broke out he immediately called Federal troops and put out a twitter message calling for peace. He was not inciting violence so let us pray Senators and Congressmen listen and acknowledge the truth.

Lord expose those who stirred up trouble and justify Trump calling for peace!

Victory: There has been a lot of controversy over who exactly forcefully entered the Capitol building during Wednesdays protest. They have been labeled solely as Trump supporters by most legacy media. But video footage appears to show a different picture.

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