deep-state-may-13-dam-bursting1Yesterday Flynn was indicted with lying to the FBI. Mueller’s investigation is about Russian collusion but there is no evidence Flynn or Trump colluded with Russia. Yet Mueller bankrupts Flynn and destroys his life for supposed lying to the FBI. (apparently Flynn may not have lied but could not accurately remember details of his meeting with Russian ambassador! I have not been able to find the original documents detailing the conversation)

Further former FBI Director James Comey, as well as his Deputy Andrew McCabe both reported they didn’t think Flynn was lying to them when he tried to relate his conversations and contacts with the Russian ambassador. So how do they get from a very poor foundation for false statements case to a guilty plea for lying to federal investigators?

Compare this with the multiple and more serious lies Clinton told, yet Mueller is not investigating these! Let’s proclaim “The Deep State” hangs on their own gallows. (Cindy Jacobs prophecy)

Flynn’s indictment: read more …

Clinton’s lies and intent: (watch video)


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