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I did not do a good job sharing the TrumpTax testimony so here goes version number two. This was a very interesting intercession, something new to us so I hope you find this helpful and encouraging.

When the Holy Spirit began giving me (Tim) more burdens for the States, I realised we need to join with other intercessors who are focused on the United States. I joined the POTUS shield and Jennifer LeClaire’s “Underground Intercessors United”(UIU). I continued to pay close attention to Pat Robertson and his take on American politics, Rick Joyner’s daily rants, economist John Mauldin’s analysis, Fox News, New York Times and the Elijah List prophecies. At times it seemed like overload but from experience these are people who are well informed, have opposing views or walk close to God. To be effective intercessors, we need all of these and the Holy Spirit’s guidance!

A burden came to me on Sept 2nd, Repeal and Replace ObamaCare. Whatever you think about ObamaCare, it was a failing law. Many insurance companies had withdrawn because they were not making money, premiums had doubled since it started, 6M people chose not to buy, paying the fine instead and millions of others were forced to buy plans they either did not need or did not want to pay for. Pres. Trump could have let the whole system collapse but his concern was for the people who needed help and he wanted to replace it with something that worked.

During Obama’s time as President, Congress proposed six different plans to repeal and replace, which Obama rejected. Now when Republicans had the majority in Congress, they could not come to an agreement. Pat Robertson and Rick Joyner said the Republicans were incompetent. One proposal was exactly the same as agreed to during Obama’s time, yet now they could not come to an agreement! I think that is dysfunctional, and that is being nice about it. Pat Robertson looked dismayed. I found it hard to believe. Public ratings for Republicans in Congress dropped.

This was the situation when the Holy Spirit gave me a burden to pray, Repeal and Replace. I shared this burden with UIU and the Prayer Center and they put it on the table. ObamaCare was not repealed and replaced, the prayer failed. A second time, Sept 20th, the Holy Spirit burdened me and I shared this with UIU and the Prayer Center. The second time was more critical than the first because the bill had to be passed within ten days otherwise it would need a 60 member approval before passing. We know the Democrats would not agree so it was a now or never plea. A second time the prayer failed! I was very discouraged but then remembered Judges 20.

Twice God told Israel to go up and fight the Benjamites and twice they were defeated. At that point people would say they got it wrong, were false prophets or were deceived. It is tough when we fail especially when God leads us! At times like this we must be brutally honest with ourselves. We may have got our guidance wrong, our faith may have failed or worse, been deceived. I checked my guidance, I asked myself did my faith fail and after getting a pass mark on both points I asked the Lord a third time, “Shall we go up?” For the third time, Nov 17th, the Holy Spirit gave me a burden to pray. After listening to advice from Pat Robertson, Rick Joyner, John Mauldin and the Trump team we prayed; repeal the mandate, tax cuts for middle and working class, cut subsidies in the high tax States and cut business tax to 20% before Christmas! These had to be done before Christmas to make a significant impact on the economy in 2018.

Some people do not believe God will answer such prayers. There will always be doubters but as we grow and mature, we learn to ignore comments like that. Pray for those people that they will grow in faith. After WWII and the return of Israel, Rees Howells asked the Lord, “Why has no one done anything like this before?” The Lord replied, “No one would believe!”. When Jesus returns will he find faith on the earth? I hope so! Faith is something every Christian can grow in and is of eternal value.

Notice Faith and I did not start by praying for the nations. We began by praying for our families and grew from there. Little by little the Holy Spirit led us deeper and deeper so we grew in prayer, in character and in faith, until now God is leading us to “Stand in the Gap” for nations. You can do the same so don’t be fooled by people who say intercession is a gift, it is not! Intercession is something that grows out of our relationship with Christ as we pray and grow in grace. It is something every Christian can do so begin by seeking God for your family and grow from there.

For a third time UIU and the Prayer Center graciously put my requests back on the table; repeal Obama mandate, personal tax cuts, cut subsidies in high tax States and cut corporate tax to 20%. John Mauldin didn’t think the Senate would get their act together and pass such laws. His concern was to make the economy robust enough to withstand outside pressure. All four prayers were answered resulting in the economy making another great leap forward. Read the UIU prayer timeline below.

You won’t find fake news outlets reporting the economic benefits, so Pres. Trump was smart and Twittered his “2017 Fake News Awards” followed by achievements from his first year in office. The demand was so great the GOP site crashed as everyone scrambled to read his awards. The achievements, “2 Million jobs created and 8 Trillion value added to the economy” and more. That’s a good start.

It is still too early to know if TrumpTax and TrumpCare will make the economy robust enough to withstand outside pressures so let’s keep close to God and keep praying.

Thank you Lord for answering our prayers and good job everyone for persevering.

Your intercessor friends

Tim & Faith


TimeLine for UIU and Prayer Center; personal tax cuts, corporate tax cuts, high tax States, Obama Mandate

StandIn TheGap
September 2, 2017
The next 20+ days are critical for the United States. Please pray healthcare, tax cuts, business regulations and budget issues will be fully resolved BEFORE year end (POTUS Shield prayer). Some believe if America misses this time, the country could have a severe recession or worse a depression. I don’t believe this has to happen. Pres. Trump has the Cyrus anointing so the economy can be revived under his leadership. But it requires us to pray in faith and stand on God’s promise. Tim
StandIn TheGap Three Congress persons oppose(Collins, McCaine, Paul), three undecided(Lee, Murkowski, Cruz), not looking good! Pray God’s insight for these six Republicans. Anyone have some Guidance? Let’s keep praying Repeal and Replace will pass with 52 votes.??????????
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StandIn TheGap
StandIn TheGap Sadly the Republicans have scrapped the Repeal and Replace bill. Collins voted against it thus ending the bill. Let’s be strong in faith and not look at the circumstances. Many have been led to pray for this (Frank Amedia and POTUS shield) so let’s not give up. Let’s not be discouraged but seek the Lord for guidance on how to bring this bill to pass. Pat Robertson (CBN) is disgusted with the result because the Republicans broke their promise, the enormous cost and the huge number of people suffering under ObamaCare. This will have an extremely serious impact on the economy and some say it could cause a serious recession. Let’s ask God for guidance, where to go from here?


StandIn TheGap
September 20, 2017
Jennifer could we put this intercession back on the table. It is urgent and critical for the US economy recovery?

Our original intercession re ObamaCare is beginning to see results. Mike Pence has been working behind the scenes, Graham Cassidy produced a new HealthCare plan which now has 49 supporters in Congress. Only one more vote is needed to pass! Congress is now discussing Cassidy’s bill. Lisa Murkowski is a key person to turn the vote which will Repeal and Replace ObamaCare. This must be passed before Sept 30th otherwise it will require 60 votes to pass. Rick Joyner, Pat Robertson and secular economist John Mauldin believe it is a now or never situation. Let’s not miss this opportunity! Let’s intercede for such a time as this. Once ObamaCare is replaced there will be enough finance to implement Trump’s other plans which will revive the economy.
Declare in faith until we receive a promise that; 52 people in Congress will realise the dead ObamaCare must be repealed and replaced, Lisa Murkowski understands the bill must pass, that 52 members of Congress will vote for a sustainable HealthCare plan that provides for all Americans.


StandIn TheGap
November 17, 2017
Several months ago I was burdened twice to pray through Underground Intercessors United, Repeal and Replace ObamaCare, for tax cuts and for Washington. Both times our intercession for Repeal and Replace failed in Congress! I was discouraged then remembered Judges 20 where Israel went to fight Benjamin. Each time they sought God, God said “Go up against him” but twice they were defeated. The third time they sought God and won!
Wednesday the prayer center prayed against ObamaCare and for tax cuts. I sensed a breakthrough re ObamaCare. Yesterday morning, as I was prayer walking, I had another very strong burden to pray Repeal and Replace ObamaCare, and for the tax cuts.
The following day the House and Senate agreed (Sorry wrong reporting by me, only the Senate has agreed to repeal ObamaCare but it has not been passed into law) to repeal the ObamaCare mandate saving $338B (Congressional Budget Office). Earlier Pres. Trump took the initiative and repealed Obamacare’s insurance coverage saving $1.2T (Congressional Budget Office). This is a total $1.5T saved which can be better used to pay for the tax cuts, putting more money in people’s pockets.
I am encouraged, half our prayer has been answered. Not quite the way we expected but we can officially announce ObamaCare is dead (sorry wrong reporting again, the bill must be approved by both houses not just the Senate). Now we must pray the Republicans will formulate a HealthCare plan for all Americans and continue praying for tax cuts. There is still much to be done!
Please pray the House and Senate will agree:
1. Tax cuts for working and middle class (Pat Robertson, Stephen Moore)
2. Corporate tax cut to 20% before Christmas (Pat Robertson, John Mauldin economist)
3. Government subsidies for New York, California, New Jersey and Illinois will be cut and these States reduce their local taxes. (Pat Robertson, Stephen Moore)
4. Three Republicans — John McCain of Arizona, Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska will agree with all the above (Pat Robertson)


StandIn TheGap
November 23, 2017
Today I had a burden to pray according the Frank Amedia’s guidance, “Break the gridlock in Washington”. (POTUS Shield Charlotte)

Rick Joyner and the late John Paul Jackson have prophesied and John Mauldin agrees, the world economy has been precarious for years. John Paul Jackson prophesied, “First the Euro will collapse followed by the Dollar”. It is still possible for the dollar to collapse! Joyner believes only God is holding up the US economy. I agree.

John Mauldin believes government must follow Pres. Trump’s proposed tax plan to make the economy robust enough to withstand instability in other countries.

Previously, I wrongly stated the House and Senate agreed to cut the Obama mandate. Only the Senate has agreed to cut the mandate however Susan Collins questions removing the mandate. Removing the mandate saves $338B which will help pay for tax cuts.

Mauldin says the proposed changes by the House and Senate will not boost the economy enough to withstand international instability.

How do we pray?

Let’s be strong in faith and declare the gridlock in Washington be broken so that TrumpTax will pass and the Obama mandate removed, that the US economy will be robust according to God’s promises. AMEN.

StandIn TheGap Let’s not be complacent, keep praying! Points 1-3 have been mostly agreed to in the final draft of the tax bill. Obama Mandate is removed(another wrong statement by me, removing the mandate had still not been passed into law by both Houses). Pres. Trump is supportive of the final bill. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers.

Republicans are gaining momentum and it looks like the bill will pass but we have seen this in the past, yet bills have failed e.g. Repeal ObamaCare. We must continue to cover the Republicans in prayer to ensure the Tax Bill passes. Let’s not be complacent and leave any doors open!

The challenges: John McCain and Thad Cochran have health issues but should be fit to vote. Bob Corker and Mark Rubio were undecided but are now supportive of the final draft. Arizona’s Jeff Flake, Utah’s Mike Lee and Maine’s Susan Collins have said they want to read the final bill before deciding to support it. I haven’t seen an update of their view of the final draft. Republicans can only afford to lose two votes!

Lord we declare:
1. unity in the Republican party to pass the final draft of the Tax bill, before Christmas
2. John McCain and Thad Cochran are fit to vote next week
3. Bob Corker, Mark Rubio, Jeff Flake, Mike Lee and Susan Collins will agree with the final bill
4. healing of McCain’s brain cancer


Victory, prayers answered
December 23rd 2017 Pres. Trump signs into law
1. Tax cuts for working and middle class (Pat Robertson, Stephen Moore) (saving up to $2K/yr for the average working family)
2. Corporate tax cut to 21% before Christmas (Pat Robertson, John Mauldin economist) (since the law has been passed Wal-Mart will give up to $1k bonus for their workers, others are following suit)
3. Government subsidies for New York, California, New Jersey and Illinois will be cut and these States reduce their local taxes. (Pat Robertson, Stephen Moore) (taxes in other States will come down because they won’t have to subsidise these four States)
4. Repeal the Obama mandate (repealing ObamaCare mandate saves up to $2K/yr for the 6M people who refused to buy ObamaCare. For the many people who were forced to pay for plans they did not want or afford, they will also save money)
We could safely say this is the end of ObamaCare. Without the govt subsidies and mandate, ObamaCare is short by $1.5T, impossible to fund itself any longer. Insurance companies will continue pulling out of ObamaCare. Pres. Trump said he will find a sustainable alternative to help those in need. Let’s be praying God gives Pres. Trump wisdom and insight to make this possible.
Thank you Lord for answering our prayers and good job everyone for persevering


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