Trump on the Move!

It’s about time someone got some teeth and cleaned out the swamp. God has given Trump this mandate and now there is action.
FoxNews: The president’s memo is written in a way designed to prevent any members of the intelligence community who may want to cover up what happened – or who don’t like Trump – from interfering with the declassification effort.

Good one Mr. President!

The memo directs Barr to consult “to the extent he deems it practicable” with the heads of the “originating intelligence community element or department” – meaning whichever agency is the source of a particular classified document.

But Section 2 of the Trump memo gives Barr authority to make the final decision about whether any information connected to the 2016 election probe will be declassified.

As a result, no one in “the swamp” – as many refer to the bureaucracy inside the federal government – will be able to block the disclosure of relevant information such as documents, communications and court filings.

Source: Hans von Spakovsky: Dems support cover-up by opposing Trump disclosure order on campaign surveillance | Fox News

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