Trump not responsible for riots

We listened to Trump’s rally speech and did not think it was inciting violence. Some people could twist things around, like they have with many of Trump’s actions, to make it sound like incitement.

After seeing several videos of known Antifa activists break into Congress, we understand what is going on. It amazes me so many are deceived.

Lord open America’s eyes to see the truth and bring justice!

NewsMax: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton told Newsmax TV on Friday that President Donald Trump cannot be held “responsible for the acts that someone else has done,” when it comes to the riot at the Capitol on Wednesday.

“We’re talking about 1st Amendment rights here,” Paxton told “John Bachman Now” on Friday. “I sat and listened to the president’s speech … I never once thought that that speech would mean that people would go and do bad things.”

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