Time to Investigate the Investigators!

Cindy Jacobs prophesied, “The Mueller Trump collusion investigation will lead to “The Deep State” hanging on their own gallows”. Evidence continues to come out.

The latest, the FBI lied to the FISA court saying the Steele dossier was verified and from a reliable source. Comey in early 2017 said the dossier was not verified yet he still signed off on one FISA warrant. There are several statements in the dossier which are clearly untrue; there is no Russian embassy in Miami, Cohen never went to Prague. The FBI hid all these facts from Congress but told the FISA court the Steele dossier had been verified!

We proclaim truth be revealed and justice be done!

JudicialWatch: Some of the Mueller operation’s so-called obstruction theories are ridiculous, such as that the president could not object to being targeted for investigation. Is it now a crime for someone falsely accused to be upset about it? Mueller presumes guilt and then refuses to “exonerate” President Trump. This turns our legal system upside down and shows the rule of law is no bar to smearing President Trump.

What is missing from the Mueller report is an honest discussion about the origins of the unverified hearsay in the “Steele dossier” that formed the underpinning of the unprecedented spying effort against Trump and his campaign.

Source: Mueller Report Proves That It’s Time to Investigate the Investigators – Judicial Watch

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