The most telling failures of socialism

Over 50% of millennials believe in socialism. The Church must be educating their people and getting out the word about the consequences of that belief system. It doesn’t work but leads to bondage, suffering and poverty. God’s way of blessing his people and teaching them to give and care for the poor, is the way to prosper.

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson revealed at a Heritage Foundation event that between 2000 and 2012, “the rate of absolute poverty in the world fell by 50 percent.” That is, “the poor in the world are getting rich at a rate that is absolutely unparalleled in all of human history.” Heritage’s 2019 Index of Economic Freedom reported that the greatest advances came in African and Asian countries (such as Botswana and Taiwan) that limited rather than expanded the role of government. More than 100 countries, many of them with less developed or emerging economies, showed marked advances in economic growth and individual prosperity.

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