The Fire of God

Four weeks, three Prophets, three prophecies saying the same thing and spoken in three different ways. God is gracious to give us so much confirmation by three reputable Prophets. God wants to make sure we get this word because it is critical for the Body of Christ, right now!

Last year the most important word, in my opinion, was Jennifer LeClaire’s, “Metamorphosis”, about the strength and struggle needed to put off sin and put on Christ, Romans 8:13, 12:13-14. Later in the year she prophecied “Momentum”, those who persevered in putting off sin will begin to gain momentum.

Now God is putting the icing on the cake, saying to the Body he is going to burn out the dross. Paul was in labour until Christ was formed in the Galatians, Gal 4:19, so the flesh would no longer control them. This is the sweet spot I have been looking forward to for years.

When I was born again I experienced the fire of God burning out the dross of drugs. I went into church hooked on drugs and came out hooked on Jesus. The change was instant, the change was complete. This is the power of God to burn out the dross and give new life.

Sorger prophecies the fire of God is coming. Our goal is to be imitators of Christ but the flesh is a tough enemy which fights against the spirit. The fire of God is coming to burn up all that is not of Christ.

Charles Shamp prophecies there will be a sign, “A volcano will spew fire into the earth” confirming the fire of God. Remember earthquakes and volcanoes are increasing so not all earthquakes and volcanos are signs from God. God’s Prophets will know the difference.

Chuck Pierce also prophecies “My consuming fire is coming to those things the enemy set you in, to overtake you”. He says this month is a period of enlarged season of favour. He also says we need to prepare for the transition into a new year 5780 and a new ten year period.

Then there is a prophecy from Katie Barker which really caught my attention. She prophesied “A time of unprecedented change is before God’s people. A new chapter is before them.” God continued saying, “There will be three signs of this coming change”.

First blockages will be removed and divine opportunities and open doors released. Second, there will be restoration of hope, strength, joy and destiny. The third sign, there will be a reward for all that has been sown.

We see the first two signs happening in our ministry. Two months ago the Holy Spirit gave me a dream saying we will evangelise under all kinds of difficult conditions. Since that day, doors of effectual evangelism opened up that were closed. We have been able to have quality time sharing the Qrn, dreams and spiritual principles with lots of people.

Second, I am experiencing a great increase in joy. It is joy overflowing that I cannot contain. I sense inner strength growing as I put off sin and put on Christ. We are still waiting for the third sign, a reward for the seeds we have sown but I know they will come. We believe many people will come to Christ and be saved. Do you see these signs in your life or ministry? If not, seek God with all your heart and you will come into all he has.

Lastly, ask God in faith, James 1:6-8. Israel failed to come into the Promised Land because they did not believe. If there is any doubt or wavering about the fire of God, caste down those doubts and ask God to help your unbelief.

Remember prophecies are conditional, so take note of the conditions. Sorger says, seek God with all your heart. Shamp says humble yourself, pray, seek God’s face and turn from your sins. Pierce says, allow God to work in your life and do not hinder him. Barker says stand in faith, be obedient, follow Christ and don’t give up hope in God’s promises.

Put time aside to seek God with all your heart. Do not miss this opportunity to become like Christ. Seek God’s fire and you will come into a new season of fruitfulness.

You’re seeking ones

Love Tim and Faith

Matt Sorger

The Lord spoke to my heart, “I am releasing another baptism of fire upon My people.”

The sign of the burning incense was the Lord speaking to me that a new baptism of fire is coming upon the Body of Christ. Anything that does not look like Jesus, act like Jesus, talk like Jesus, think like Jesus…is going to be burnt up, until the only thing left in us is JESUS.

Everything that hinders the perfect image and nature of Christ in us is going to be burnt up in the fire of God. The Lord showed me what looked like walking flames of fire. This baptism of fire is going to be so all consuming that we are going to look like walking flames of fire, exuding the very nature and fragrance of Christ.

Charles Shamp

I decree and declare that from this day forward you will no longer walk at the speed of the natural but run by the supernatural power of God. I speak as a man of God and say that your business, family, finances and destiny will no longer move at natural speed. You will go from realm to realm with supernatural ease in this season.

Watch for the Signs

I heard the Lord say, “Son, say to My people that the least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. For I am the LORD; in its time I will do this swiftly.

“Tell My people to watch for the signs; yes, watch the shifting of major tectonic plates in the earth as I shift My Body into a fresh move of the Spirit. Yes, watch the eruption of a volcano in this time as a sign of the fire of the Lord being released on the earth, for My cleansing fire is flowing from the mountain of God and it will not be contained.

“Listen not to those that say it will not come, but come to the table on bended knee to feast and live in liberty. For if My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from Heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

Chuck Pierce

“My consuming fire is coming to those things the enemy set you in, to overtake you. My spotlight is on you. You are to radiate and cause the light I put on you to cause the darkness around you to separate and dispel. My light is on you, and you cause the darkness around you to separate and dispel.” (Prophetic words spoken by: Acijam Otxoa, Chuck D. Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Kendrick Lewis, and Robyn Vincent.)

Katie Barker, Tweed Coast, Australia

Recently I heard the Lord say, “A time of unprecedented change is before My people. A new chapter is before them.”

I then had a vision of heavenly books being opened. These books outlined the plans the Lord had for His people. Some books were for individuals, others were for ministries. As each book was opened I saw a page had been turned in the book. I knew it wasn’t just a new day but a new season for these people. The new page was the start of a new chapter in the destiny the Lord had planned for them. A chapter had ended and a new one was beginning.

Ask the Lord to show you the new chapter that has started and will unfold before you. Embrace the strategies He has given to partner with this new chapter and be expectant for all the Lord will bring forth, as this chapter in your destiny will not look the same as any previous one. A time of unprecedented change is before you!

Three signs

  1. The people of God who have felt that they have not moved forward into the fullness of their destiny in God, will see blockages removed and divine opportunities and open doors released. Those who have stood in faith and stepped out in obedience will see the Lord move powerfully on their behalf as they are released into the new chapter in their destiny.

Psalm 126:5-6 (ESV), “Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing, shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing the sheaves with him.”

  1. The battle of the past seasons has strengthened your faith and developed your character. As the Lord opens this new chapter in the lives of His people, its pages will reveal restoration of hope, strength, joy and destiny.
  2. This will be a time of reward for all that has been sown. Every step of obedience and every tear has not gone unseen and every prayer has not gone unheard. The Lord is bringing life and multiplication to all that has been sown, for He is going to ignite the seeds sown in past seasons.

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