The Deep State is back

The Democrat’s agenda is back on track after Trump’s four year disruption. Chuck Pierce prophesied this and Rick Joyner dreamed it but I believe God is going to move and bring their evil plans to an end.

Keep declaring Trump is a second term President. We will win if we do not doubt!

FoxNews: Nunes said some ex-Obama administration officials who pushed the narrative that former President Donald Trump colluded with Russia are now being “rewarded” and welcomed back into government sectors including the Defense Department, the National Security Council and the White House.

“We call it the Russia hoax, but it’s even more than that,” he said. “Remember all the nasty stuff that supposedly happened in Moscow? This was not believable to anyone unless you had a sick, sick, demented mind.”

“These people knew that this was written by Fusion GPS. They knew that they were putting it out to willing people within the media that would take and run with these narratives,” he continued. “The FBI knew damn well … this was all a lie.”

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