“The Deep State” are back in town

Sen Cruz should say, “Don’t politicize the DOJ again!”. It was the Obama DOJ who did not act on Clinton’s email server.

Cruz could also include the CIA, FBI and IRS. Remember it was Brennan’s CIA who condoned the pursuit of Gen Flynn without a crime, Comey’s FBI who changed documents and lied to the FISA court and the IRS under Obama which targeted conservative groups.

This is all the work of a small group of politicians and bureaucrats who think they run America. Cindy Jacobs, Mark Taylor and Chuck Pierce have all prophesied “The Deep State” will be brought to justice.

Keep declaring in faith that the Deep State will be brought to justice and America will become a light on a hill

OANN: Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) warned the Biden administration against politicizing the Justice Department. Cruz shared his concerns while grilling Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general, Merrick Garland, at Monday’s Senate panel hearing.

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