Swamp creatures chewing on each other again!

Cindy Jacobs prophesied, when we get near the end of the “Deep State” rule, the Deep State people will fight amoung themselves. It’s happening again with McCabe and Comey accusing each other over the leaking of information to the WSJ.

“Keep praying, we are near the end of this evil saga!”

FoxNews: “McCabe said, ‘Well, Comey knew about all these things.’ Comey disputes that. Now we’ve got some of the swamp creatures chewing on each other for once. “At the time, Comey claimed he never authorized an information leak to The Wall Street Journal. However, McCabe attorney Michael Bromwich previously told Fox News that “Mr. McCabe’s interaction with The Wall Street Journal – which by FBI rule and practice he was fully authorized to do – was not done in secret: it took place over the course of several days and others knew of it, including Director Comey.”

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